Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Belated Happy Easter!

Sorry for my absence recently. Lily went off to America and Rob and I decided to decorate. We have jiggled the downstairs of our house so that it is more open plan and painted anything there was and had new carpets laid! It's like being in a new house! Well, we've been here nearly 10 years from new, so it was about time really. I can now see my garden at the back of the house while sitting in my lounge at the front of the house, so of course, I has to do the garden as well!

With all of that, as you can imagine, I have had little time for anything creative, so last night was my first time crocheting for a while. It felt nice to be back doing it though.

We had a lovely Easter, with my sisters and their families here, and Rob's parents as well. We all ate too much as usual! I seem to have lost a bit more weight though, although it will probably find me again this week!

Nothing else much to report. I am off on my hols in 6 weeks time, and we are all very excited...can't wait to lie in some sun and read some books, and hopefully work on the Mystery Blanket that I have gone off!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter with those you love. Back with some proper knitting and crocheting soon!