Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Whiter Shade of Brown

It suddenly ocurred to me last night that all my wips at the moment are varying shades of the same colour....brown! Well, except the pink patchwork bag, that is. I need to branch out colourwise, I think. Lily is having a look through the Phildar books at the moment to try and find something she would like me to knit for her, and I'll make sure it's not brown.

Now, Stacey, this bit's especially for you.


Be impressed!!
Oh yes, the first sleeve is done. The second one is nearly, but I need to redo a little bit where I lost interest and went a bit wrong. Then, gulp, the (cast on 480 sts) peplum. I'm scared!

My upstream SP11 pal did a really sweet thing this week. She nominated me for this award! Aaaah, how sweet is that? She said I was entertaining! Ha ha! I think that's a compliment! Thank you Tsuki, you are very kind for giving me that award.My dog and I are vry flattered, as you can see!


Tsuki said...

Entertaining is definitely a compliment! I love seeing what you're up to, you knit different things to me which is so much fun to read about!
And the doggy pic is so cute! I love doggies!

Virtuous said...

Yah! Yah! Yah!!

Bit by Bit, piece by piece I am so living vicariously thru you on this one! LOL

I plan to order my yarn next month...for real! Haha! (now that is just ordering though Tee Hee)

I caught a glimpse of your swiss cheese scarf too....thinking about starting up one of those too!

And so deserve that award b/c you are a sweetheart and ALWAYS have me laughing over here with your crazy real life humor! Luvs it!

Be well!

Queen of the froggers said...

You deserve the award, I love your blog, and your dog, what a cutie!!