Thursday, January 10, 2008

I didn't roll off the edge of the earth on New Year's Eve!!!!!

And here I am, back. A bit older, none the wiser! My daughter is back at school, my husband is back at work, my family visitors are back in their own lives and peace and tranquility have descended one more into my life...

I missed you all though! Nothing's the same in the holidays, is it? It always feels to me as if I am running three parallel universes at the same time and none of the juggling balls can drop on the floor, or else. And something always has to suffer, and in this instance, it was blogging. But, I am back, recharged and raring to go. (In a snaily sort of a way)

So, happy new year to you all. I have great expectations of 2008. I have to tell you my quite long list of resolutions that I have been collecting together and show you that I haven't just be lounging about being a lazy BItch.

Let me show you some stuff..

I am on the winter stitch marker exchange. Here are the 3 sets that I made

I'm liking them and they're fun to make.

Next, one of my last year's resolutions was to make a clapotis. So, I started that

Now, I know that ot looks there like a brown thing with a load of stitch markers on it. Let me prove to you that it really is a clapotis

Oh, yea, it really is the real thing. I know I'm probably the last person in the universe to knit this thing, but at least it's on my needles. How long it will be on them, who knows, because I have to say, it is a bit BORING to knit. Anything that says, "now knit rows 1-12 12 times more", may as well say to me "now, pluck the individual hairs from your leg with a pair of salad spoons". I'll persevere with it though. I don't want to be the last one EVER to knit this. Talking of things taking a long time, I am STILL knitting the bloomin cashmere scarf, it is still a present in progress for Rob. I keep knotting it around his neck really tightly, and saying "there, is that long enough?????", but he wants it longer....sigh.....I'm hoping to have that one done this weekend.

I did start the patchwork knitted bag over christmas as well, no pics of that as yet.

Calamity, though, I think I have forgotten how to crochet granny squares. This does not bode well for me finishing the blanket. I'm putting off having a go in case it really is a forgotten skill and then I will cry.

Another calamity, my sewing machine has gone to be serviced and they want it for 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!! I feel a bit lost without it, but hopefully my knitting will reap the benefits.

I thought I would have time to tel you the resolutions I am planning on keeping but that will have to be tomorrow.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that 2008 will be a fantastic year for everyone.



blog-blethers said...

Great to have you back after the festivities and all the demands that go along with that... And love your new stitch markers - really pretty:)

Janey said...

You are quite're definately not the last to knit Clapotis! I haven't and not sure that I ever will! Just can't see the attraction!

Lovely to have you back... strange how you can 'miss' people you don't even know isn't it?

Robin said...

Again, agreeing you're not the last to knit Clapotis as I haven't knitted it (but probably won't!) The stitch markers are really cute!

tiennie said...

Those stitch markers are so pretty! Lovely clapotis too. Happy New Year!

Virtuous said...

We are still here! And don't intend to go anywhere!:oD

Gurl I have NO intentions to even knit Clapotis! So you won't be the last one! Haha!

Ooh I can't wait to see your patchwork knit bag! Nice!

All the BEST in 2008!

gilraen said...

I so agree about the holidays!! No time for us in them, well not much anyway!!

Those are beautiful stitchmarkers. :)

I was bitten by the Clapotis bug before and ended up knitting many, I am still wearing them especially in the cold weather! You do get to know the pattern off by heart. :)

Happy New Year Liz, I hope it's a great one :)

Queen of the froggers said...

Although Clapotis is boring to knit it is a great thing to wear so keep going! Your stitch markers are pretty.