Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Resolutions for 2008

Ok, here they finally are. My plan is to put these into the outside my head world on here, and then come back this time next year and see how well I've kept them. Of course I will be back before then to post too, just in case you wondered!!!!(see resolution 4) The first 3 are non knitterly, the last 4 are.

1. Read more books

I only seem to read alot on holiday whilst lazing by the pool. But I plan to read at home too. Probably not in bed, as it has a sleeping pill effect on me, but when I am fully awake and functioning. At the moment I am reading this

and this

and then I'm moving on to this

Well, you didn't think I could just read one at a time, did you? My reading is like my knitting and everything else I do!!!

2.Lose weight
In October I joined Weight Watchers and have lost 19.5 lbs. I need to lose another 11 lbs to be at my goal and am planning to do that before the end of February.

Now, I know this is a boring resolution, but I would rather poke my own eyes out with burning sticks than do the ironing. So what I do, is avoid it for ever, and then there's a huge great big pile and I hate it even more. I can just about stand it in the summer, when I do it outside in a bikini and get a tan (or wet) at the same time, but in the Winter, I HATE IT.
Rob said why don't we pay someone to do it. But by the time I've sorted it out and picked it up and hung up/uncoathangered what they've done wrong, I may as well do it myself.
Rob said he would help me with it, but I feel bad if he works all day and then has to do the ironing as well, I mean, how lazy would that make me?????

SO my plan is to do the ironing as it gets dry. No more European mountains of the stuff lounging on my spare bed. NO! I'm doing it as I go far, so good. No ironing in my house at the moment!!!! (Watch this space)

3. Vegetarianism

I have always been a vegetarian, since I can remember. My mum said I never liked the taste or texture of meat and I can't remember ever eating it. When Lily was born, although Rob isn't a vegetarian, we decided to raise her as one, because we worried about the sat fats, antibiotics, cruelty aspect ans so on of her eating meat. When she was 5 or so, and understood what meat was and how it came to be on the plate, we let her try it if we were somewhere it was for dinner, and, although she liked the taste, she decided not much later that she didn't want to eat it for her own reasons.

Now, I am getting on my soap box a bit about this one. Firstly..why oh why oh why do people who eat fish think they can call themselves vegetarian????????I mean, I know it's only a label, but it's like saying I'm a vegetarian but I do eat chicken now and then. WHY??????????? Why say you're one in the first place....unless it has some other special meaning to you, like it makes you a special person or something. I don't get it. Killing animals to eat, to me, is barbaric, whatever kind of animal it is.
I have never been an evangelical veggie, but this year, thanks to my very evangelical daughter, I have decided to become one. Don't panic, my knitting blog will not be the place I make you feel bad about what you eat, but in my day to day life, I plan to be voiciferous about the fact that in this country and many others, there are animals being kept in such cruel conditions and killed in inhumane ways and given all sorts of drugs and hormones to make them fit for your plates. And I'm talking fish, fowl and mammals. If you think what you are buying is ok, just because it sort of says it on the packet its dead remains have been crammed into, think again. It's been killed.
Sorry to rant on, but it makes me so sad, it really does. Rant over.

4. Updating my blog
I am planning to blog more as I am planning to knit more!!

5. Knit more garments
I am taking a leaf out of Robin's book and knitting more stuff to wear. So, I am taking a leaf out of knitknat's blog too, and reading through all my Phildar mags to find some good stuff. The difficulty will be choosing which of the 20 I love, to knit first!

6. Finish Silver Belle

Say no more.......

7. Finish clapotis

Oh, how I wish I'd never started that buggering thing. I will finish it though.

Well, that's it. My main resolution from last year was to have this attitude.."Does it really matter", and it worked really well for me. I'm the sort of person who likes to have certain things done by a certain time in a certain way. But having this way of thinking really chilled me out. If you're looking for a resolution, I would recommend it. I am still following it, as you can tell from the progress of my silver belle!!! Ha ha!!

8. This year I am going along the lines of not suffering fools much if it is an effort or interferes with my own well being. I've never suffered them gladly, but this year I have decided not to suffer them much at all. Really, as long as I'm not rude, what's the point? Some people just want you to fulfill their own needs and insecurities and I'm not going there this year. I'm not mean about it, just aware of my own time being useful, I suppose.


Janey said...

Congratulations on the fantastic weight loss! That's amazing!

And I hear you about the ironing... I too hate it with a pssion and always end up with a pile so big I can't get in the under stairs cupboard (out of sight out of mind!) So I will try to join you on that resolution if you don't mind?

Jenni said...

Yeah for the vegetarians! I have been a veggie for 4 months now without cheating! And no, I don't eat seafood or chicken either! I never add egg or milk to anything I eat either. I do try not to eat eggs or milk at all, but I've found out that cutting them out completely is almost impossible since it seems to be in all packaged food. Its also especially hard when you live in if I were in California - the land of farmers markets and fresh organic produce year round - then I could do it!).

I should really add that ironing one to my list too!

Queen of the froggers said...

Great resolutions, I don't make them as they just never work for me!

zebraknits said...

IRONING! IRONING!IRONING! You would think that since we do laundry all the time, it will be automatic that we iron too. Not the case. Glad you're making it your resolution. It gives me a push too, to work harder on it as I feel bad( for the same reason as you) that DH's has to do it himself......

sandra said...

Good for you and hear, hear to the resolutions. I have RSI at the moment so DH is ironing for me. He's a love. As we are retired I don't feel too bad, and he quite enjoys it, says its therapuetic. Anyway he's waaay better than me at it!