Monday, January 21, 2008

Stitch Marker Exchange

I have now received the 3 sets I was sent, and look at them, they are really beautiful!

These are from Franney

How sweet, 2 penguins, 2 stars and a tree...very festive!

These are from Jackie

Jackie also made me a fabric origami antelope, which is hanging in my kitchen window!

And these gorgeous ones are from Angie

They are very apt to me at the moment, the pink breast cancer ribbon and the pig (ha ha!!) and the little pewter angel which says on it "Made For An Angel" lovely!

Excuse the terrible lighting in these pictures. I have been waiting for sun to help make them better, but I fear I will have died from odld age if I wait much longer, so that's as good as it gets in an English winter!

Thank you for sending these to me. They will be put to very good use soon, I promise. Maybe on the ....yawn....clapotis. Oooh, I have discovered new lurve for my silver belle and it has been coming along great guns over the weekend. I'll show you soon. Nearly finished the left sleeve and yoke now!! I have to say, though, that since I've lost weight, I do think it's going to be gi-normous on me, but oh well, it'll be a good cosy jacket for cold days!

I also have thought of 2 more resolutions which I forgot to include with my other ones. Will post those later as well. Did you like the confusing numbering of the other ones?? I can't seem to engage my brain at the moment at all!!!!! Or maybe you didn't even notice, in which case, I am in good company!!!


Queen of the froggers said...

Aren't they lovely stitch markers! I am looking forward to seeing silver belle, it is a great pattern.

Wendy said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. I'm still working on that one. Seeming to be going in the wrong direction. It will be delightful to see your silver bell finished.

Janey said...

Beautiful stitch markers!

I'm with you on the bad light, I'm fed up with dark gloomy photo's. When will it be spring??

Janey said...
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Janey said...
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