Friday, May 22, 2009

Competition Winner

OK I have drawn the winner tonight and..........
the winner is..........

christine from cpurl17!!!!!

Congratulations you!!!
If you let me have your address I shall have a little delve in my stash and also bring you something home from my French hols.

I'm still not packed and we leave in 9 hours. Oh well. Always better under pressure!!!

I am taking only crochet with me this time. I want to finish Babette and also my hexagon blanket, so it's a good opportunity for that. The Debbie Abrahams mystery blanket that I don't like has caused me to lose my knitting mojo a bit, so I'll make the most of it and get some crochet done!!!!

See you in a week when I shall hopefully be rested and fulfilled. (Hopefully not with camembert!!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm older....I'm back (and a little prizedraw!!)

Sorry for my absence. I have been so snowed under with life in general, everything else has gone to pot. I haven't even done much knitting, sewing or crocheting,just breathing sleeping eating and working really.

I did, however, go on a 2 day NLP course, and that led me to a little reassessment of my life. Instead of thinking I have too little time to do what I love, I need to make time for what I love. So I am doing.

If you want to know more, click here. I would definitely recommend it. Those of you who know NLP, I know would concur. Amazing stuff for both business and personal life.

Yesterday, I turned 44!!!!! I cannot believe it, as inside I am still 20! Still, my gift to myself is to do more of what I love and also take more pictures as Rob gave me a beautiful little blue camera. So watch this space!!

In celebration of my birthday, I am having a little competition. Well, I didn't have a blogoversary one, so this is it....

I loved being 11 as I was living in South Africa, happy and settled in school, with great memories of that time. I didn't much like 22 or 33, but I think that 44 will be my best year ever.

What I would like you to do is leave a comment telling me your best age ever and why.

I shall have a search in my ever expanding stash for the prize and also visit the sweet shop!

So what are you waiting for??? Get commenting!

Deadline for entry is Tuesday 19th May at 12 midnight GMT. I shall draw prizes by the Thursday before I go to France.