Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Last present, finally finished!

Hooray, the men's cashmere scarf is finally off my needles. Rob finally decided it was long enough for his liking and comfort, and it was ceremoniously cast off. I blocked it yesterday and it is being worn for the first time today. IF that scarf gets left on the train, let's just say, you may be reading about my divorce in this knitting blog before too long.

Pictures of it in situ soon.

The patchwork knitted bag coming along too. I am working on a variation of a pattern I bought on line. I'll do some pictures of that too, tomorrow if I'm able. Lily's mocks finish tomorrow and so the traffic and my blog will breathe a sigh of relief I suspect. Not the petrol station though. I have worn a well worn path between here and school over the last 2 weeks!

Back soon with promised resolutions....


Rosie said...

Dare I ask how long it is? And as for the threat of divorce, my DH saved himself: within a week of losing his scarf he was in Sweden and tracked down a store that sold Noro! (And yes, I did make him a replacement, which he rather stupidly wore whilst sawing logs. Can you guess what happened? We are now on scarf number 3. It has survived since Xmas 2006. This is a record. good job I love him!)

Virtuous said...

LOL @ will kill him if he leaves it on the train!

Can't wait to see your pics!