Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm in a timewarp

OMG the time is just flying by now and I can't believe 3 weeks today will be Christmas Eve. I can't wait.

However, I just find the days so short and the nights even shorter!

Is it age?????

My Babette is coming along, and oh, for some time to take some pictures to show you. I'll try tomorrow. My hexagon is coming along more, as I SO LOVE IT!!!!!

It's frosty in the mornings here now, proper wintery, none of that in betweeny weather I hate, and we're hoping for snow tomorrow.

Sitting by the fire, crocheting, watching I'm a Celebrity with a cup of hot choc....what more could I want?


Lin said...

I think time going fast is age! I have the same problem!

blog-blethers said...

I'm there with you about how time speeds up!!

Can't wait to see pics of Babette and Hexagon...

Have a wonderful Christmas - and may 2009 bring health and happiness to you and yours.