Friday, August 28, 2009

Hex is finished and a new project is started!

My beautiful Hex is finished. I love it. I edged it with 3 rounds of treble crochet and hoped for the best, doing ripples in and out on the sticky outy bits. It worked ok for a beginner like me!!!! It lives on the sofa in the study, like it was born to do it!

Here's what the balls of yarn turned into on my holiday.
It's inspired by Lucy's blanket (have a look at Attic24) and I love it because it's a bit quilty as well as crochety! 100 squares to do in all, and then some granny edging. There's my hand next to it so you can get some idea of scale.

France was, as always, fab. Laying by the pool in the morning, on the beach in the afternoon and some crochet before going out to eat in the evening. I do have some pictures which I will share soon.

I am off to Manchester tomorrow to meet up with some girlfriends I shared a house with some 16 years ago. We haven't seen each other for 2 years so I am sooooo excited about that!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love that hexie one, is there a pattern someplace for that?

Linda said...

Hex is such a beauty! I yearn to crochet now but am limited by a non crochet type yarn stash. Have fun on the reunion!

RooKnits said...

Loving the hexagons:o)

tiennie said...

The hexagons are so pretty!!

Virtuous said...

Oh my! Your Hex came out fab! I luvs it!

And I see you are enjoying your summer :)

blog-blethers said...

Hex is absolutely stunning!

sarah london said...

your hex blanket is just beautiful and so are your grannies!