Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Been busy! aka crochet progress

I haven't posted for a couple of days, due to a few reasons. My swing jacket was, I decided, too small. I knew in the long run I would end up never wearing it, and so I decided to unravel the whole lot (the back and some of the right front) ans start all over again. :( It did break my heart, but it's done now and I am half way up the (biggger) back again...hooray.
Here is a pic of the progress (ignore the feeling of deja vu)....

I have also been busy trying to finish a quilt I started a while ago. I love it, but I am terrible at finishing things off, here is a little sample of it, I'll show you the whole thing when it gets finally finished, hopefully over the weekend.

Finally....crochet news! I went to my friend Maggie Wise's shop over the weekend, Sunflower Fabrics in Bedford. She is a multi talented lady, who designed the quilt above. She has been patiently trying to teach me crochet. Here is a picture of my progress so far...

As you can see, there is something funny and a bit skewiff happening on the middle four, however, I am keeping it as I fear if I unpick it, I'll never get the hang again. My DH said he didn't really like it as it reminded him of old ladies...I did have to explain that they were called GRANNY squares, and anyway, it has taken me so long to get the hang of them, I am not to be put off by anyone!

This is my effort next to the one that Maggie started off. If you don't look too closely, you can't tell the difference!

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Erin H said...

Oh wow! The squares really are coming along. They look great. (My husband seems to think that granny square = potholder. Funny how they have such a bad rep.)

My, and you quilt too. Lovely.