Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Look at what's arrived!

Tada! I have the grey one on today and it's very comfortable!

Silver Belle update: Tada here as well! I have started the second sleeve thinking that whatever went wrong on the first one is old news and if I go right with the second one it'll spur me on. Still a bit scared to start the peplum. Casting on 480 stitches fills me with dread and terror. And the 80cm circ that it says to use doesn't look as if it'll hold that many stitches even!

The sun is out here today, makes a change from the incessant rain we have been having, and I am off to watch my daughter in a school riding competition this afternoon. Have a good day whatever you're doing!


Jan said...

How cute! Glad someone has sun cause we sure don't. Maybe it will bring your daughter luck!

Virtuous said...

I am SO jealous!!! I missed the boat on ordering my Raverly T-shirt :o( *cries uncontrollably*

Go! Go! Go! @ Silver Belle

Hope everything goes well with the competitions!

gilraen said...

Mine arrived on Saturday too! I love the shape of the Tee too.

Way to go on the Belle! :D