Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Punky fingerless gloves

I like the idea of fingerless gloves, and I can see their relevance in a modern world. But let's face it, there are some, let's say, unusual ones around in the knitting world.

I wanted to make some for my niece for Christmas, who is going through an Emo (I say Emu) phase. I have searched Ravelry, twice and this morning, decided to do a Google search. And look what I found.

They are perfect. And if she doesn't like them, I'll have them!

The pattern is printing off at this very moment and I have the leftover aran yarn from the silver belle (don't talk about it) colour swatching.

My filling is repaired and I am back speaking like my former self. I daren't eat on that side yet though. Is that normal, or am I a real dentalphobe???????????


Telmah said...

Love the gauntlets! Perfect for a tough younger gal.

I broke a filling, and it turned into a whole dental saga with root canal and a crown... and it took about 6 weeks until I was willing to eat on that side. At first it felt so strange just to be chewing with my whole mouth! (Me, talking with me mouth full: "Hey, I'm doing it!")

gilraen said...

Georgeous gauntlets indeed!

Are you not enjoying the silver belle? Asks one who is ready to cast on!

Alyssa said...

there's nothing wrong with being scared of the dentist. Mine makes me take a valium (i'm serious) otherwise I'm apparently WAY too annoying and scared for her to be able to work on me.

Rosie said...

Neat gloves. What's the web address for them, I too have a niece for whom they'd be perfect!

Virtuous said...

Yep those are funky!!! I likes them!

Hope your mouth is doing better now!

Anonymous said...

Those are some kinda funky! My daughter would LOVE those! And, hey thanks for seeking out my blog.