Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lack of Posts

I know it seems as if I haven't been posting much lately, but please don't be fooled into thinking that I am not doing much. It's just that I am knitting Christmas presents at the moment and therefore it's a little difficult to show you guys without spoiling the surprise for any visitors who might be receiving the gifts!

I did have a thought though....if I put them on Ravelry, only you guys will be able to see them as it's not in the public domain yet. So I shall endeavour to do that today.

I am off on a little spree today as there is a yarn and fabric sale at Maggie's. I'll try and get some pics of my loot on here later for you to drool over!


Virtuous said...

AAh I know you have been knitting over there!

Quiet is actually good in the knitting world! That means our needle are clicking! LOL

I will have to check you out on Ravelry to see your Xmas WIPs

Wendy said...

Have a great time on the shopping excursion!

clarabelle said...

Hang on in there with the Xmas knits! They're driving me nuts, but you get to feel smug when they're all finished!

gilraen said...

I'm off to Ravelry to peep! :)