Friday, December 07, 2007

Parcel Crazy!

I had such a lovely surprise in the post today....twice!
Firstly, my yarn arrived from Mary through the yarn colour swap at swapbot. It is gorgeous and my daughter will laugh when she sees it as it's the exact colours of her school blazer!!! There were a couple of sweet markers in the parcel as well, I especially like the car one.

Then, another one. My final package from my SP! She has really pulled out all the stops this time and sent me some (more) absolutely amazing things. She must have known that I have wanted to try spinning and to gift me a drop spindle kit is just perfect!!!! It shall be my mission over the christmas holidays to master it and hopefully in January I shall have something to photograph!! And the book will help me along. I also have a lot of different colour roving in my stash from felting, so I'm sooooo excited! I know Lily will want to have a go too. She also included the pattern from Knitty for Fetching. Have a look on Ravelry, they are gorgeous!

Thank you so much Knitaholic. I absolutely am over the moon with the lovely gifts you have sent to me. Now....just to work out your identity from the clues you gave me.......!


lomester said...

oh how i miss secret pal exchanges! lucky girl!

Queen of the froggers said...

Lovely bits there!

Virtuous said...

That was an AWESOME final package!
I love the sheep card too! :o)

Tsuki said...

virtuous: it was from knit n caboodle at the Harrogate show - i couldn't resist!

Glad you liked it all, I love the colours of the roving (if that's the right name) - in fact I'll be going back to those suppliers!
Glad you've liked it all.

Happy Knitting!

tiennieknits said...

How fun! Enjoy!

dottyspots said...

Hi my Secret Pal (although admittedly I cheated and narrowed it down by searching for people in Peterborough due to your postmark - because you didn't name the Argosy scarf as such, so I looked for the username that came up for the swiss cheese and Peterborough and then searched through the other scarf descriptions - OMG, I'm thorough....)

Thank you so much for being my Secret Pal! I haven't blogged your parcel yet (as it only arrived today) but will try and get it photographed and up tomorrow - I really love the yarn :)

dottyspots said...

Oh and the Vegan Crafters group on your profile - I have been vegan and noticed the Viva reusable label on the package straight away - one of the reasons I lapsed from veganism is yarn (*blush*)