Thursday, July 03, 2008

Off on my hols.....

We are off tomorrow for two weeks in France. I can't wait, I am really ready for a break. I have decided to take Hemlock Ring with me. I tend to get up before everyone else, so I thought I would have the opportunity to concentrate on it even if it is difficult, for at least an hour early morning before the rabble get up and before it gets hot enough to lay in the blazing sun. For that time, I have Portia. See-perfect combination!

I am going to attempt Babette upon my return.....gulp!!!! Secret Pal, you had better be on hand!!!!!

See you all in a couple of weeks!

Happy and productive knitting in the meantime, I am expecting FOs!!!!!!


Virtuous said...

Ooh if you stick with that morning plan you will be back with a Hemlock!! :o)

Hope you get lots of knitting and laughter in during your holiday!

Will miss ya! Have fun!!

tiennie said...

Have a great time!!