Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crochet Crazy!

Thank you for your kind comments regarding Basil. We still miss him like mad, but every day is easier, although I still expect to see him coming very slowly around the corner whenever I am sitting here in the study!

As promised, some crochet updates. For you pure knitters, apologies for my going over to the dark side, but I am telling you, it is much quicker that knitting, although you can't concentrate on the tv quite as much!

OK, firstly, I am getting along with the hexagon blanket well. I can see quite a lot of mistakes, but am choosing to ignore them!

Secondly, my Babette colours.

I am winding them all into balls at the moment and then I need to sort the colours into numbers and then I'm off!

I went to a training day yesterday where there were 45 or so of us leaders in a hotel conference room. It so reminded me of the film "The Witches"!!!!! So lucky a small ginger boy didn't come wandering into the room............


RooKnits said...

Lovely Hexagons....

Virtuous said...

Gurl I must have been under a freakin ROCK!! I am soooooooo sorry about Basil :o( I just read your tribute to him and what an honor to have such love. I hope your days are getting brighter Liz!

@ your hexagon blanket it is lookin' good to me!! "Said the gurl who doesn't know how to crochet" LOL


Pheelya said...

I lu-huv all the colors you chose for your Babette!! I think that's going to be the next afghan that I make for myself AFTER I get all my holiday gifts finished up! :)

Lin said...

I love your crochet.

tiennie said...

Beautiful colors for your Babette!!

Attic24 said...

Firstly thankyou for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy the crochet flowers (LOve that you call it The Dark Side LOL)

Secondly, I'm so sorry about Basil, we lost our old cat at age 17 and it does leave such a big gap.

And thirdly, love the colours for your babette, they are pure scrumptiosness!


Attic24 said...

Hello Liz, me again.
WOW I just checked out your link to first4yarns, my goodness, what an absolutely GREAT discovery, thanks SO much for that. I thought Cascade was only available in US, its great value for 100g balls and the colours, wow. I think I can see where my next yarn stash is coming from, I am deliberating another ripple or another granny, oo decisions decisions!

Thanks again

Rosie said...

"The Withces": you've just made me laugh out loud :)!