Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hooray! Some knitting pics at long last!

As you know, I have been knitting the Debbie Abrahams mystery blanket, of that I am hoping to take some pics tomorrow, but for now, here are my 2 knitting companions..

As you can see, it's a relaxed environment!!

So, over the last few weeks, I have knitted 2 neck warmers. Firstly, for me, the Caera Cowl which I found over on Zebraknits. I knitted it in some lovely Malabrigo silky which Stacey kindly sent me, and I put it on as soon as it was off the needles, without even sewing in the ends...ssshhhhhh! (which I have now done!)

Then I knitted Lily one in worsted weight malabrigo, from Exercise Before Knitting design pages here.
It's Ridged Lace Cowl. I am naming mine Purple Haze. The yarn, again, was a gift from Stacey, and praise indeed that Lily will wear it as she is sooo sensitive to anything even REMOTELY related to itchy, but she loves this. The first picture show the pattern better and the second picture shows a truer colour.

It has even gone to Paris with her!

I have also knitted Tiennie's Scrappy Flap Hat, but mine is called Scrappy Flappy Hat.
What a cool design...go over to Tiennie Knits to check out the variations!
Here's mine blocking

Let me first impress you with the neat inside...

Then after sewing on the bobbles, which Lily made

And finally, being modelled by it's owner (it's also gone to Paris!)

Excuse the teenage bedroom scenery!

We love it! Thank you, Tiennie for the pattern.
Rob already has an order in for his!

Finally, I'll leave you with a photo of me and my 17 year old baby on her birthday. Can I just say in my defence, I had had a minor op that morning and it was snowing heavily, but we still made it out 20 miles away to the best Chinese restaurant around.
Where there's a will, there's a way!!!!


Jackie said...

lovely knis. cool hat. loving it.

nice photos of you and your baby. all the best to your darling girl.

Virtuous said...

What a great post!! So glad you were able to make some beautiful cowls with the yarn!
And great floats!!

tiennie said...

I love your hat way more than I like mine! Love love love the color choices you made. I never really blocked mine, I should b/c yours looks so much better.

Denise said...

OOoh I love that hat, pretty colors too. And you madam look GREAT for having just had a minor op, and urrr, how can you have a 17 yr old when you only look 27?
YOu really do look good - have a super weekend

gilraen said...

Gorgeous Hat!!! Belated Happy Birthday Wishes!! :D

cpurl17 said...

You look great! And the knitting looks wonderful! The hat is adorable.

Cycling Knitter said...

yeah knitting pics
glad to see your still doing the blanket
mines ground to a halt
maybe today ill pull it out!1

love the hat
im not brave enough to try it though?

blog-blethers said...

Happy belated birthday to your daughter! My eldest baby had a birthday recently too - can't believe I'm 'mum' to a 20 year old (slapping on even more Oil of Olay!!).

Beautiful finish offs. The cowls are gorgeous and the hat is just great. No wonder she loves it:o)