Saturday, June 06, 2009

Holiday Hexagons

I'm back!!!
We had an amazing time in France and I did loads of my hexagon in a mo!
It was lovely just to sunbathe, read, eat and relax and be with my sisters and family.

I did, of course, make some great purchases....
firstly, a beautiful bag from a shop in Eymet

Front and back views.
I love it, and if you like it, have a look on their website here
They had so many beautiful bags, it was really hard to choose one.

So I bought two!!!

Here's the other one.

I found a FAB use for it....

Ta da!!!! My Babette is perfect for it!

Also in Eymet, I saw an older man sitting there in the market knitting!!!! Not just plain kitting, but cable. So I made Lily stand behind him so I could take a photo. If you are the man, and you're reading this, I hope you don't mind being on my blog!!!!

ok, here's one of me in action with the hexagon

And here it is so far..

On other fronts, I am surprised to tell you that all my holiday washing and ironing is done and put away! While we were on holiday, there was a tennis court at the Chateau and we all decided we wanted to be better at playing. I for one play with my eyes closed and I am totally hopeless.
So we found a tennis coach here, Ben (very handsome and young) and today Rob and I had our first lesson. I don't think Ben believed me when I told him how rubbish I was, but by the end of the lesson, he knew!!!!!! I'll be at Wimbledon before you know it, though at this rate!!!!!! (What's the age limit???)
This afternoon we went to Strawberry Fair in Cambridge to have a wander round and it was great!!! Just a mass of stuff to see. And a chocolate crepe. Well, rude not to.
Tomorrow, having knackered my arms today playing tennis, I am off back to spinning to knacker my legs.
At least I will be symmetrically in pain!!
Have a good weekend.


blog-blethers said...

Sounds like a wonderful break and what fabulous bags! Hexagon looks so pretty and can't wait to see it's progress...

Admire your energy and spirit with the tennis. Not even the young handsome coach would convince me (unless he comes with his own oxygen cylinder!).

Virtuous said...

You had a nice holiday!!

And yep that bag is perfect for your Babette! Great progress on your hexagons too!!

Giggle @ having Lily sit by the man knitting...WOW!
After that I would have actually asked him to take a pic with you and if declined at least you still had it! :op So neat!!

cpurl17 said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time on vacation. Jealous of those fantastic bags!!