Sunday, June 21, 2009


I'm not sure if it's the time of year, or just me, but my posts are a little few and far between at the moment, so sorry for that.

I have been busy, both work wise and also craft wise and this weekend I went back to sewing. This is something that I have been half heartedly thinking about and playing with for a while now, but yesterday I got a little serious with it and today I am going to actually half finish it, or finish it. Rob wants me to make him a meditation cushion, but that will be the only interruption I have. Oh, that and a bike ride we have planned for later on!

Other news. Last weekend we went to a wedding in Oxfordshire. It was the most beautiful and most English wedding I have ever been to, in a National Trust derelict barn, with pale pink peonies and blue delphiniums, with Morris dancers and a welly wanging competition, and letting off night lanterns in the dark. This was a view from where I was sitting in the barn.

Yesterday I went to a work bbq. The theme was Abba. Here's me and my lovely friend Lorraine before we went

check out Flossie getting in that picture!!!!
ok, I know I look like a shire horse in that outfit, (it didn't hide anything....)but we had a fab time, singing along to Mamma Mia!!!

Father's Day in the UK today, so I shall leave Rob and Lily to bond and get on with some sewing and being outside.

Have a great weekend.


Virtuous said...

No need to apologize how frequent you post it is your blog! ;op And we will still be here!! But I truly understand it as I am one step behind ya! :o)

LUV the Abba outfits!! Haha!! Now to go learn more about it ;o)

Glad you are doing well! Good for you taking sewing back up!!

Linda said...

What great fun as Abba! You look fine.
The sewing sounds good, I think it is a summer thing rather than knitting.

cpurl17 said...

Those Abba costumes (and the two of you) are fabulous!!
That must have been one fun party!