Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Juliet, 1/3 done

I love this. It knits up like magic. No sewing up, no picking up of stitches, it's definitely my kind of knitting! I like the colour, which isn't green, for a change! and the yarn isn't too bad to knit up either, remember it's partly sssshhhh..acrylic....but it is wrecking my fingers. It doesn't glide on the needle like a natural fibre, I have to keep pushing it on with my index fingers and I am going to have a permanent reminder of this knit, I think!

Lily tried it on for me last night after the sleeves had been finished and we both thought it would be nice as a little shrug without the bottom lace part. You could even make the fronts wider and put in button holes for a variation on a design. Just a thought! Quick to kit too, which is a bonus.

I'm waiting in this afternoon for Rob's birthday present and the shopping to be delivered. The house is tidy, the irning is done, I have nothing else to do but (hopefully) finish my Juliet!


Janey said...

The house is tidy?? The ironing is done?? Are you feeling ok??

Lovely looking Juliet...hope you get it done this afternoon!

Alison Boon said...

Juliet is looking gorgeous adn I love the colour. Less said about Acrylic the better, but it can be good sometimes.

Pheelya said...

Juliet is coming along nicely! Like the blue alot!

Anonymous said...

Olivia just saw your picture - she said 'WWWooowwww' !!