Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Still Knitting!

Sorry for the absence of any posting over the last couple of weeks. Lily only just went back to school and then it was Rob's birthweek. (week, not day, you understand!) He took a few days off and it was nice to spend some time with him, and we ate out a lot, not that I needed any excuse to do that! Over the weekend, we had a load of Northern people descend and I think there were people sleeping in every room in my house! We had a fantastic time on Saturday night, which all out friends and family came to, at a Turkish meze restaurant. When the belly dancer came out, she gave Rob a jingly scarf to wrap around him and dance with, and he did fantastically!!!!

Can I just point out, he undid his shirt to dance, he doesn't normally wear it like that!!! (Medallion man!!)
It was so funny. He did get a little carried away with a group of elderly people who were on a nearby table, there a video here if you want to check it out, but the lady he wrapped himself around said it had been a long time since she had had such young flesh next to her, and that he had made an old woman very happy!!!! I think she made him happy too, calling him young on his 40th!! A few people in our party looked a little horrified when he was dancing, but he is such a charming person, he can normally get out of sticky situations!!!! (Not that I'm biased!!)

I received my package from Louise at Dreamcatcher last week.

Wow, she sent me some cool stuff.

The yarn is such a beautiful colour and I love the bag, which will be great for travelling sock projects.

And as for the chocolate, well, I'll tell you how nice that was after my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow!!!!

On the knitting front, my Juliet is coming along slowly but surely. In the end, after my dilemma,and thank you for all your advice, I took the whole lot off the needles, rewound and started again. I am doing the same size (s) but in 6.5mm instead of 6mm. It seems to have made the necessary difference. I haven't tried this one on yet. I don't dare. I went to bed at 5am on Saturday night, and I must be getting old, as I cannot keep my eyes open!! So knitting is limited to about 3 rows in an evening, but I am hoping to speed up.

I have bought some Debbie Bliss pure silk too, in lime green, which has been cast on for a jumper/wrap, but more of that tomorrrow.....


Janey said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Rob! Looks like you had a great time!

Your parcel looks lovely, the yarn is beautiful and that bag is so cute! I'm very socks get carted about everywhere in a tesco's carrier!

Wendy said...

What a man you've got there! He seemed to like the dancing so much you may have to get him some classes for his next birthday!

Alyssa said...

He sure does look like he's having fun!

lomester said...

What a great picture! It looks like you guys had a blast. Love that Juliet color too!

tiennie said...

How fun! Enjoy your gifts!

Virtuous said...

Alright now!!!! I think he probably did it better than the bellydancer herself!!

Gurl you know I take belly dancing classes! ;op Luv it!!

Happy 40th Rob!!

FYI your yarn finally came in today so I will be shipping it out tomorrow!! WHOA!!

Queen of the froggers said...

Brilliant belly dancing! the parcel looks lovely.

dreamcatcher said...

Hee love the bellydancing pic! Glad your gifties arrived safe and sound, I was half tempted to keep the yarn though, such pretty colours :-)

gilraen said...

Fabulous parcel!! I love the pic of Rob dancing! :) One for the grandchildren ;) He looks like he gave her a run for her money :)

Belated Happy birthday!! :)