Monday, April 07, 2008

Some Progress...

I didn't realise it has been a week since my last post! What with it being the Easter hols for another week, time sort of stands still and all reality is suspended!

I did, this week, win Stacey's blogoversary competition and the prize is some Malabrigo...can't wait to get that! Then, I had an email from Louise at Dreamcatcher to say I had won a competition over at her place too!!!! How exciting is that! I love getting parcels too!

Knittingwise, I have been swatching for Juliet, trying desperately to be able to knit her in the Cascade 220 that I bought, but I had to admit that it just wasn't going to happen. So I went on a shopping spree for new clothes on Friday as I am now a completely different size to most of my old clothes (yay!) and of course incorporated a small yarn spree as well! Rude not to! I couldn't find anything that would let me knit on 6mm max needles (as anything larger makes me feel like I am knitting with wooden spoons), apart from this yarn. YARN SNOBS LOOK AWAY AT THIS POINT.

It is a nice colour, BUT, it is mainly acrylic. OK, there I said it. ACRYLIC. My name's Liz and I'm knitting in acrylic (with a bit of wool). I'll let you know how I get on and if I get friction burns........

I'm also knitting this

It's this pattern

but I have to say, the yarn I'm using, which is the Drops recommended Eskimo, is really unwieldy, and stiff, and each row is a battle between me, the needles and the yarn, and last night I realised that I had done the second cable row 3 rows too early. GRRRRRRRRRR! And it is NOT the easiest stuff to unpick. It meshes together like a fluffy hairdo and I am expecting trouble. Best not to do it when I'm tired I think!

Whilst on my shopping trip, I suddenly had an urge to knit some more socks, and, seeing as I have never knitted any for myself, I bought some gorgeous socky yarn

so I shall be looking for a nice toe up pattern to get on with. All suggestions gratefully received!

I hope the weather where you are hasn't been as unpredictable as here. We had summertime type weather last week and snow this weekend. Marvellous. As long as it's hot from June onwards, it can do what the hell it likes until then!!

Back later with a Juliet update.


Virtuous said...

You lucky gurl!! And you deserve it!! :o)

LOL @ confession! I am an arcylic user too from time to time! ;o)

Haha @ fuzzy hairdo! Press on my friend you will really like the bag once you are all done!

Have a wonderful week!!

Pheelya said...

Don't let those yarn snobs get you down, Arcylic does have it's place in the Great World of Knitting :) If it didn't, I highly doubt it would still be on the market ;)
And some of it is SUPER soft!!

I really like that bag design! I can't wait to hear all about it!

That socks yarn looks yummy too!! I love the colors!

Queen of the froggers said...

I love your yarns, that acrylic looks nice, they make it nice these days so don't worry! The bag looks great, and well done on being a winner!

Alyssa said...

Congrats on all the wins. You know I've never won a day...

Lyndsey-Jane said...

Well done on winning! I am about to embark on the clothes shopping (on weds with my mum) due to not fitting into anything I have for summer. I'm not the greatest fan of clothes shopping so it's not going to be the best fun, but shopping for a much smaller size should make it better (Yay! I can shop in 'normal' size shops now)
I am about to re-cast on for Juliet as I made it before I lost weight. Check the Zephyr group on ravelry as I know people have had sizing issues with it - it knits up pretty big.