Monday, May 26, 2008

Bad luck moths... yarn is all bagged up! I ordered some big bags from ebay in the end and was really pleased with the size of them when they came. This gives you some idea of the size

I got all my yarn out and sorted it out as best I could. I was a little alarmed by how large my collection has grown, but also it was nice to see some stuff that I had forgotten that I had.

The collection (addiction)

See? I feel so much better now that it is all safe. I just hope that I didn't bag up any moths or their eggs, but at least if I did, they are safely contained within a bag now.
I did realise just how much cascade I had

and also remembered that I love the silver belle colour I was knitting

But at least my Malabrigo gift from Stacey is now safe and sound until I decide what I want to knit with it!

I just need to do the same with my wips and then I can sleep easy!

This weekend has been another bank holiday for us.

On Friday, Lily and I went to meet Mary, originally to look round the gardens of Althorp House where Princess Diana is buried. (I had a mental image of her then, laying under a rose bush like someone's pet dog!!) But how strange, it is open from July til August, so instead, after we had roamed completely lost around Northampton for an hour, we met in a nearby village for lunch.

Rob's brother and family came down from Hull to stay as Hull City were playing at Wembley and managed to win the game, putting them in the Premiership league playing alongside the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal!!!!!

A picture of the hopeful football rabble in my garden on their way to winning!

I stayed at home and gardened in the last nice weather day of the week as it is now blowing a gale and pouring with rain for the rest of the week. Freezing too. Anyway, they all came home from London extremely victorious and excited and so we had a curry to celebrate. (oops, there goes my diet, again!!)

Yesterday was my youngest sister's 35th birthday (the one whose back is in my previous post!) and so we all went for lunch (oops there goes my diet again, although there was 1 vegetarian choice on the menu and it wasn't very nice)

I have been knitting the Drops cabled bag this weekend, although I have now run out of eskimo. Strange, as I ordered 7 balls, but have used 5 and can't find the other 2. They aren't anywhere I would have put them. Unless I have early dementia, I think I only received 5 in February when I ordered them. I'll call them tomorrow and check. I love the bag though, it is a prettier pink than the picture shows

I hope you are all having a great weekend too. I thought I'd leave you with a picture of total relaxation, that is, little and large!!!!


Virtuous said...

YAH!!! I really need to get on the stick and bag all of my yarn up! You are putting me to shame! LOL
Glad you didn't find any more invasions!

What a great holiday weekend for you all too! You will get back on track from all that fabulous food. It is just hard to resist sometimes! :o) about I don't think I want to knit Silver Belle now! LOL ;op

zebraknits said...

Good thing you have your yarn well protected and sorted. Now, you can knit peacefully!

Alyssa said...

Throw some cedar in each bag that should help keep the moths away if they are in there.