Saturday, May 17, 2008

Moth Terror

The other day I put on a top. Nothing strange there. Except that, during the day, I realised that the top had a small hole in the front of it. This is the hole

You can see the fraying of the edges, but here's a better picture..

Hmmph, I thought, how strange and irritating.

Approximately an hour later, a feeling of cold and clammy dread swept throughout my entire body as the realisation dawned that this was a MOTH HOLE!!!!!!! Some f**king little winged creature had spent it's lunch hour in my wardrobe. What I wondered was this
1. Did it have a big family?
and 2.Were they all living in my wardrobe
or 3. Even worse....had they realised I am a knitter?

Now this bit is not for the faint hearted knitter. I am going to show you were I store my yarn, and you may not have the high opinion of me that you did have when you see it.

Oh, and here too:

Ok, I know it's not the ideal way to store such preciousness, but I haven't ever got round to putting it into bags. That would involve sorting through it and realising the true extent of my "little" addiction.

I cannot even bring myself to have a look and see if the Famille de Moth have discovered it yet. I have kept the door of my workroom well and truly shut since the awful hole moment though. Not sure if it will make the blindest bit of difference. There's an awful lot of fabric in that room too....gulp...let's hope they haven't found that.....

In my Moth Depression I have had to start a new project. I'll post it later.

Any moth advice gratefully received. :(


gilraen said...

That is how shops store it too! I wonder what they do?

Virtuous said...

Gurl I am only 1/2 way done bagging my fabric and still have to buy some moth satchels.....ugh you are making me want to do that QUICK!

But they say you really need to be more worried about your already knitted garments than your yarn!! So true!!! Yikes!!

lyndsey-jane said...

I have my yarn stored in some (large) plastic lidded boxes (from oh so trusty Tesco) and then my really precious stuff (mainly laceweight) I have in ziplock bags inside the lidded crates. I also bought some moth repellent sachets from John Lewis, but have yet to use them.

Rosie said...

oh no, poor you. bad, bad moths. so far (touch wood) I've only ever had moths in graments, even when ther is yarn stored nearby. when I was at the V&A last week I saw a kit containing four iron-on moth decals to cvoer up moth holes. They looked beautiful (soft greys and mauves) but the demo jumper they'd put them on was acrylic, so didn't need them..

dreamcatcher said...

Ouch, so sorry to hear about the moth holes. It happened to us some years ago, before I started, er, collecting yarn again - but this was a t-shirt that had been hanging on a hook. I hear that moths don't like cedar, probably the volatile compunds/oils that do it. As for yarn storage, most of mine is wrapped in plastic or tissue and stored inside cupboards, or boxes. IKEA do some nice inexpensive canvas zipped boxes that stack well and they have soft lids, helps with squeezing the yarn in :-D

Queen of the froggers said...

Don't feel bad about the way you store your yarn because I read somewhere recently that moths like dark, cosy places so shops are safe keeping their yarn like that. (Although I am so paranoid that I bag and box my precious babies!!!)
Microwaving may be a way to get rid. Apparently freezing just makes the eggs dormant and they hatch when warmed up. Lavender and cedar balls, and killer spray I reckon.

Wendy said...

Two words.... cedar blocks.
They work great and smell sooo much better than moth balls.

tiennie said...

Oh no! I hope you can get rid of them.