Monday, March 02, 2009

March is Meat Free Month..and that includes FISH and CHICKEN

This month is meat free month, so I wanted to take a couple of minutes just to be a little evangelical about something close to my heart.

As you know, I am a lifelong vegetarian. Whilst I am all for live and let live, I cannot understand even a little bit, how people can bear to eat the body of something once so beautiful.

What makes me really angry, is the people who feel that their conscience is spared by calling themselves vegetarian but eating fish or even sometimes chicken!! Why would you say you don't eat flesh if you blatantly do? Why even say you're vegetarian? It's so silly. Even if you only eat it once a year...HELLOOOOOOO, sorry to disappoint you, but you're not a vegetarian. You can have a name thought. If you eat fish and no other flesh, you are a pescatarian. If you eat chicken, you're a demiveg. There you are, you can have a name! But please don't call yourself a vegetarian, you'll give us real ones a bad reputation!

There are so many good reasons, both health wise and planet wise to become vegetarian. Even if you're a confirmed meat eater and you cut down to only eating it once or twice a week, it's got to be a good thing. And if you really have to buy it, make sure that it has had a happy life and as decent a slaughter as it can be, by buying freedom foods and free range eggs.

Lastly if you would like to know more about the benefits, read here. No gory pictures, just information.

Thank you for listening! Now, go and cook that aubergine bake!!!!

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Virtuous said...

LOL @ " be a little evangelical " :o) I am actually going to click on the link b/c you didn't stuff it down our throat! Haha!

But I do try to go at least one meal a day without meat. Right now...I just luv me some chicken! ;op But haven't done red meats (beef and pork) in years. Like I said I am slowly moving away from eating so much meat.

Tell me how do you loss weight/maintain in WW without meat??
The increase in carbs intake blows me up!

Also, a past co-worker & I used to get into these debates about how she is vegetarian but eats boiled eggs all the time, and I am like that means you are NOT vegetarian you eat eggs! And her arguement was they are not fertilized and she is technically not vegan. I felt like she was so in the wrong. If I decide to become vegetarian I would not eat eggs b/c they come from chickens!!

It was the whole did the chicken come before the egg argument..ooh well!

Happy Meat Free month! I may decide to go a full week in honor ;o)