Friday, March 27, 2009

Teresa's Scrappy Flappy Hat

Teresa is a wild American friend of mine who is sadly moving back to the US next Wednesday.

She is the loveliest person, absolutely full of life and laughter and my sort of person, the sort who opens mouth and then engages brain some time later. She has a cabin in Quebec and I thought she'd like this hat to remind her of me and how much I love her. We will all really miss her here when she goes back.

Lily went to New Jersey at 4.30 am this morning. She was sooo excited. It is really odd here without her, but I know she will have an amazing time.

Other news, I met up with the Cambridge knitters last weekend, and that was nice. Introducing myself as Liz meant nothing, but when I said Fluffyknitting, they all knew who I was!!!! It was a most surreal experience, and I felt a little as if I had gone through the Looking Glass, but it was nice and I shall meet them again, except that someone accidentally took my 10 balls of DB cashmerino aran, and I haven't got it back yet, but that's a whole other story......

As promised that front and the back of the plate I bought Rob for his birthday. How cool is this? Check out the website, she makes some lovely stuff and sells it all over and you can buy off the site too.

Right, I am a lady of leisure today, lunching with a friend and then afternoon tea and scones with another....perfect day!!! Having been up since 3am to get Lily sorted, I am expecting to crash and burn at about 8pm tonight, so I shall make the most of the day!


cpurl17 said...

What a sweet goodbye gift for your friend. And someone to visit if/when you come to the States!

tiennie said...

That plate is very cool!

You pick the best colors for that hat. What a gift for a friend. :)