Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ideas and Inspiration please

I bought this..

I have turned it into this

You can't appreciate how patient and talented I am to have done that. It's Malabrigo lace weight. It all sticks together.

I tried to turn it into this

I spent an enjoyable evening last night knitting 5 rows and then tearing it off my pretty new needles and chucking it on the floor in disgust. A few times. I've wasted about 2 meters of it. The pattern and the yarn were obviously never meant to meet each other.

I have scoured Ravelry, looking for a lacy scarf to knit and I can't find one. All my hopes are now pinned on you, my knitting friends, for some advice and a good pink knitting project for my one skein of sticky shocking pink malabrigo. Bear in mind I've never knitted lace before, so I need a kind pattern.

Knit pink for October.


Lyndsey-Jane said...

What about Wisp from I'm currently knitting one in Malabrigo lace. It's a great pattern, really easy yet really effective. You can see my wip on Ravelry. (bagpuss)
Hope you are ok? Take care

Queen of the froggers said...

I thought Hanami when I saw it, but I don't know how hard the pattern is.

Wendy said...

I made the touch of whimsy scar with Malabrigo and it turned out beautiful....

lomester said...

That stinks that it did not work, cause I really like it. When I saw the picture i thought - OOOHH i am going to copy cat!

What did not work?