Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tammy Beret

Just a couple of photos of the beret I knitted whilst selling my wares at the car boot sale the other weekend. It was so easy and quick to knit, I think everyone I know might get one for Christmas this year! Tammy Beret from RYC Weekend, book 8. Rowan Cashsoft aran yarn. About 2 balls in total.

My gorgeous daughter is modelling it. "DON'T get my face in"

Silver Belle news, I'm half way up the sleeve, and all is well and quite calm. I shall be posting some pictures of my progress later today. In between taking the elderly cat to the vet, doing the ironing and taking Lily to get her hair relaxed. You know how it is, I'll fit you lot into my glamorous life if it kills me!


Virtuous said...

Cute hat! I just printed of Le Slouch and want to knit it up for a girlfriend of mine.

Can't wait to see your SB sleeve progress!

Are you doing 2 at one time??

Queen of the froggers said...

Great beret! Can't wait to see SB too.

Robin said...

I like the beret! Congrats on the Silver Belle progress too; I'm waiting for my yarn to arrive!

tiennie said...

Cute cute cute!

Cyberglad said...
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