Thursday, October 25, 2007

Silver or Caramel Belle Cast on pics

As promised, well a bit later than, my cast on pictures of my silver belle. After writing out the pattern, I realised that, on the sleeve, anyway, it's on a 20 st loop. Easy, you'd think. Wrong, you'd be. For some reason, I have had to unpick a fair few times. Luckily, it's quite easy to pick up.

The cabling I've found ok. Apart from the fact that I talk like Popeye a lot of the time, with it gripped between my lips.. although I expect that Popeye didn't say stuff like "go and get your pjs on please" and "watch out the cat needs to go out". Maybe he did.

I'm knitting the sleeves on straights. Just because I thought it would be easier. I do grapple a bit with circs. The yarn, well I love the colour, but I'm not sure about the texture, it's a bit stiff, not cosy enough for me. I'll reassess at the end.

Here's a close up of the mistake I decided to leave in/behind. I call it individuality. Maybe some would call it laziness because I didn't see it until I was about 18 rows on from it. Whatever W

It's a one stitch mistake. Excuse the blurriness of the photo, it's to confuse you. Not really.


Virtuous said...

Very nice progress!!

LOL @ Popeye :op Haha! I need to put mine in my mouth too b/c I waste too much time putting it down and trying to locate it again every 2/4 stitches haha! :op

I SO would have left that stitch behind too!!!

I am sure the Jaegar yarn will soften up after a good soak!

Looks like you are almost done with sleeve #1!

Virtuous said...

You know you must share on our KAL!! :oD (just copy and paste! HAHA!)

Queen of the froggers said...

It is looking great and no one will notice the mistake anyway!

Janey said...

Looking great so far! I got over the popeye thing by cabling without a cable's easy once you get the hang of it!

gilraen said...

Mistake! No a design adjustment ;) :) To make yours unique! :)