Monday, February 12, 2007

Knitted bolero and beanie hat

Well, I gave up on the bootees that I was was a pattern from an Erika Knight book, and the instructions were SO confusing. I tried every which way and made 5 different versions, but they all came out not looking much like bootees, so I admitted defeat and decided to abandon them altogether. I went for a straight forward looking Sirdar pattern and managed to knit these two little things in a weekend. I love them. I added the little flower on the hat from another pattern I had for felted flowers and I think it works well, sort of a 1940s feel.

You'll be pleased to know baby Isabel arrived in the early hours of Saturday mornig, and I am visiting her this afternoon armed with these gifts! Oh, apparently she has the tiniest feet, so it's kind of a blessing that the bootees didn't work out!!!

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