Friday, February 23, 2007

Spring has sprung!

I think I am safe to say that spring is here. In February, I know I am being a little optimistic, but I hate the coldness of the winter. I feel that I have to have something to cling onto to tell me that it won't last forever and soon the warmer (thanks to global warming-sorry soon to be extinct animals) weather will be here, and the colours that are appearing in the garden are IT, the hope, for me. I hate the feeling of being trapped-in the house, in lots of clothes, in darkness. I want to be in the summer, and, given the choice, I would live in a warm country.

There is one draw back to being well on the way to summer.....OMG, what will I look like in a bikini THIS year??????? The panic is on to get what has been hidden for months, into some sort of order that will not make people puke on sight. I'm used to looking at it, after 41years and 8 months. It doesn't mean I like it, or I need to inflict it on others. The Lent thing is going well, I did eat a bag of flying saucers yesterday...I maybe should have added sweets to my list of forbiddens as they will now take the place of the stuff I've given up. No, I shall be strong (in a weak way..)

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