Saturday, April 07, 2007

Crochet on the Beach

We went to the coast today, for us, that's the east coast. Whilst it was warm (not for many of you out there....17 degrees), it was windy, hence the beach shelter. I bought that in a camping shop last summer, and it never really has been used. Oh, except for the time when me and my sister took our 2 girls to the coast one VERY windy warm day last summer. The girls had to sit in it to keep it from blowing away. When they walked the 2 miles out to the water...this is the east coast DID blow away and, embarrasingly, an elderly man with brown knees which looked as if they were melting off the bone, had to rush and cling on to it for me. Yes, I had to run in my bikini, and I don't have much that stays still while I walk, never mind run.

Anyway, today I took my crochet to the beach and did a few rounds.

Some of you regular readers may remember that Floss loves the beach. Today was no exception. Happy Easter to you all. Tomorrow I shall be happily drowning in Cadburys chocolate, for there is no other....

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