Sunday, April 29, 2007

Maisie Quilt Pictures!

I finally finished this last night, although I have to say, making a strippey quilt is much quicker than making a small square patchwork one. I am really plaesed with the way it turned out and the way the colours work together, and the pink gingham border made it all come together nicely and made what was a little too funky, a bit more my sister, if you get my drift!
Anyway, we went to visit them this morning and my new baby neice Maisie is soooooo gorgeous, with loads of dark hair. Aaaaah! My sister really loved the quilt as well, (let's hope she wasn't just saying that because I'll have it back if she was!!) The back I did just in plain pale pink, so she can always turn it over if she feels a ittle queasy!!! Luckily M is a fully reversible letter!


AnnieElf said...

Wow, Liz, this is so pretty. I love the colors. I'm guessing that strips of fabric would definitely would be easier to work with (I don't have the patience for squares and stuff). Having the busy print on it and then the topstitching gives it the illusion of traditional quilting without all the work.

Michelle said...

thanks for the copycat afghan? I don't understand? Oh and a log cabin afghan is on the list..but it's a long list:)