Thursday, May 03, 2007

Noni Bobbles Everywhere Bag

I am on a roll! I finished knitting the main part of the bag ages ago. I was in such a quandry about how to felt it, as the bag is dark brown and the bobbles are pinks. I was worried that the brown would bleed colour into the pink and wreck all my hard work. Anyway, I decided to felt the bag first and it was huge.....

Then it wasn't!.......

Cascade 220 is a beautiful thing!!!!!
I packed the inside of the bag out while it was drying with a plastic lining filled with books and dvds! I knew Jeremy Clarkson's book would come in useful for something!

I left it in the airing cupboard for a couple of days and it has shaped well, but I do thnk I shall put buckram under the bag lining to keep it rigid. I have ordered some small feet for the bottom and a magnetic closure, but haven't decided on the lining yet.
Last night I finished the bobbles, 85 OF THEM!!!!!!!!!! I felted them today and they have come out beautifully. I wondered if any of them would go through the holes in my machine drum, but I counted them all out, all 85! They are drying on my kitchen windowsill

and I shall start sewing them onto the bag tomorrow. Can't wait. I'll post a photo as soon as they're on!

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Jan said...

Love all those bobbles but I am having a hard time figuring out how you are going to attach them. Can't wait to see!