Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Latest News

Yes I know 2 posts in a day may seem a little excessive, I have been meaning to post latest progress but my camera had other ideas. It's finally seen sense and so I thought I'd just post some news on WIPs.
Firstly, no news on the swing jacket. See, I told you sewing up was my worst bit. I can't find a binding that I 100% love and so I'm going to have to compromise and go with a dark green. I wasn't going to use any, but it really needs it around the collar. I did buy some lovely buttons for it though, as I decided the others were too big and made it look a bit clowny. They're mother of pearl effect, not silver (bad photography!)

Red surprise is coming along. It's gone from this..

to this..

Cascade 220 is a fantastic yarn and such pretty colours too. And not massively expensive.
My daughter's bag is still ongoing. We are both doing it now to try and finish it before the weekend. Hmmmmmm!

And finally, I bought some yarn at the weekend to take on holiday with me. I get up really early and I thought I could sit about and crochet before the rest of my crowd wake up. I can't bear to do nothing, so it's a good compromise! I am going to try the ripple afghan, but failing that, granny squares will look nice in these colours I think!


Pheelya said...

I can't wait to see how that pink bag comes out! I love the color!!

Erin D. said...

Oooo pretty things!

That ripple 'ghan will look beautiful in those colors!

Got your tag, and will work on it tomorrow! :O) Thanks!

Cass said...

Hey Liz! LOVE that yarn! great colors.
Did you check out the vacation swap? Thought you should check it out. Had to spread the Swap Love to a sistah.

Pheelya said...

TAG you're it :)

7 Random things about yourself :)


Cass said...

Shoot, Pheelya tagged us both and I came to tag you! LOL Ah well, it's a small world. :)