Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bobble Bag Progress

Hmmm, you'd think the hard part would be the knitting and felting, but no, this is the painstaking bit for me. I'm not the most patient sewer upper (made up word I think), but sewing on these bloomin bobbles is driving me crazeeeeeeee. I lined the bag with heavy buckram to give it some structure..

Then I sewed the bobbles on..on the sides where there's no buckram it's a piece of cake, but through the buckram it's so hard. I have bent a few needles, bought some leather ones and bent them as well, and look at the back of it...

I have made the lining, inserted a pocket (look away now if you are a seamstress) and I love the contrast of the bottom of the bag fabric and the shiny sides fabric.

Here's a picture of the side of the bag, most of the bobbles are now sewn on but some are still pinned on. I have one more side of bobbles to sew on and then I can put the lining in, fasteners, handles and so on. But I'm not sure if I've put too many bobbles on now, even though I've put on less that the pattern says. Some of my bobbles are huge, though, as I stuffed them too much before felting.

Oh well, you live and learn, and maybe it's that I've been staring at it all day I don't feel too in love wit it any more. I'll shut the door on it for tonight and see what I think in the morning. Hoping to finish the other front of the swing jacket tonight and then just the collar to do and the pocket linings and then I can sew that up.

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gilraen said...

I love your bag. The attention to detail is laudable. When I made my own felted bobble bag I initially loathed it. But by the time I'd chosen the right handle, lined it etc I was in love again. Maybe that will happen with you too. I hope so it's worth your love. :)