Friday, June 15, 2007

The Felted Disaster/Bag

Where has all the white gone?? AND, how come my bag colours always merge into one colour (variations on a) and other people seem to be able to felt colours at hot temperatures and the colours stay seperate. I'd like to know please. Also, even though I spent ages knitting this one so that it was bigger than the green bag I felted, it has come out as the same size. BUT this one looks just like a BUCKET to me :(

Now I know I carry around a lot of rubbish, yes, mainly receipts I have to admit, and half eaten packets of polos, and not forgetting 14 lip glosses which to the untrained eye all look the same colour...but, I do NOT need to be carrying them around in a bucket.

The handles didn't come out as I thought, I mean, unless you're a very small person with a dislocated arm, that is not going to get over anyones elbow, never mind shoulder.

And, as if to add insult to injury, the white yarn that I thought was wool obviously was some kind of (sneer) acrylic. Because look what happened to that bit..

..nothing, except it turned blue.

Oh well, you live and learn!

Today I have been starting the Amy Butler uptown handbag.I decided I can't go wrong..I love the fabric, and the this space!

Today, also, I have set up an Etsy account. I thought I might be able to sell some bags and quilts on there, as the sellers are all over the world. I'd like to put the bar with my stuff on down the side of my blog, but thast may be a challenge too far for me. Especially the way today's going! Any helpful hints would be welcome! There's some gorgeous stuff on that site.


gilraen said...

It isn't anything like your green bag which is georgeous!

Felting is like that, sometimes great and sometimes not. Chalk it up to experience.

As to pics on the side of your blog. I see a lot of blogs with flicker on the sides of their blogs. Have you a flicker account? I can add bits to the blog but haven't done this with flicker, yet. :)

Good Luck, and you should do really well on etsy, your knits and bags are fabulous. You can also advertise on Craftythreadsnyarn forum we welcome everyone and do not exclude members from selling or promoting, rather the opposite :)

Helen said...

Ithink it's a shame that it didn't felt completely so some stitches are still visible (maybe another go through the wash might help??) but don't be disheartened about the colours. It may not be white stripes any more, but I think it's really pretty.

Your swing jacket is lovely too :)