Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I have never knitted a pair of socks. Please don't think any less of me, it's just something I've never really wanted to do. However, since my entry into blogland, I have visited so many places where socks are a staple, and they are beautiful. I think I just never realised how lovely socks could be.

Weeks ago, with this in mind, I ordered a sock knitting book from Amazon. They kept emailing me with delays and delays and I was beginning to think it was a sign that I was just never to become a knitter of socks. In the meantime, I joined a yarn swap and oredered some yarn for my pal and also some socky yarn in case I ever DID become a sock knitter. Look what came this morning at the same time!!! It's surely a sign that I am to become a GREAT SOCK KNITTER!!

I can't show you what else came or Sherri won't have a surprise when her parcel arrives, but here is some of it..

All I can say is, handknittedsockpeople must have tiny feet, because I am almost the man's size in this book, and I haven't got extraordinarily large feet, size 41. Is that big? I'm trying not to get a complex about it, but my choice in this book is a bit limited and I have narrowed it down to 2,


Or these...

I just can't decide.

I do love the yarn though, it's Koigu and I've always thought sock yarn quite scratchy, but this is beautifully soft. I love it!

Any advice on my dilemma gratefully received!


Pheelya said...

Nice yarn! I have not knit my first pair of socks yet either! I just frogged the my first attempt because the sock was a tad too snug, so I called a "do over" *giggle*

gilraen said...

Once you start socks you will be addicted!! :)

I love this book, the spiral bound pages are lovely to use and the patterns georgeous!!

If you want any help or advice with your socks or just some encouragement etc, we would love you to visit
The members there have been drooling over your bags and asked would I invite you. We are also doing a bag-along and are envious of your awesome bag making skills. :)

Liz said...

Oh, thank you Gilraen, I am truly flattered. I just visited the site you mentioned and lost half an hour or so!!

Queen Frogger said...

Don't worry about having longer feet than the patterns. When you have knitted a couple you will learn how to adapt them with a few extra rows or pattern repeats on the foot part, and by casting on extra stitches if you have a wider foot. Your yarn looks lovely! As Gilraen said, the forum will help. :)

gem said...

you can easily change the length of any sock pattern to fit your foot - just knit until the sock reachs to the tip of your little toe (covering up the toenail) and start decreasing for the toe at that point. socks are the most customizable of all knits!

Anni said...

Gorgeou yarn. I got into sock knitting last summer after having sworn on several knitting forums that I never used to like knitting socks (knitted some 20 years ago). But now I love it and can't stop. Have designed several of my own patterns. I tend to design for bigger feet as my own feet are a size 8/42 and they're wide. Good luck with your socks.