Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Green Parcel from Tenerife

You know I joined a yarn swap..well, this month's colour was green, and look what arrived this morning!!! It was such good timing as well as yesterday I had an awful day. I went to bed hoping I'd feel better this morning and this was the first thing that happened in my day. (By the bye, I do think 7.20 am is a little early on a Saturday morning for the postman to call, but I'm glad he did anyway). I was so excited. This is what was inside the box

And this is it all unwrapped

Each of the parcels was tied with ribbon and a beautiful stitch marker!

I love them, I have never owned such beautiful stitch markers before, only the boring plastic ones, so they really made me smile!

This is my favourite yarn of the parcel

Now, if I can't knit socks with that yarn and those gorgeous stitch markers, then no one can. This week, I WILL DO IT!!!!!

Thank you Celia for my beautiful gifts, you really made my day. ;)


gilraen said...

Oh can I be Green with envy. That is a lovely parcel. Green is for Go Liz, go for your socks :)

JL said...


Green is my fav colour of all.

Oh how i envy you to have them.. how can i join in the fun ?

JL said...

Tks for the yarn swap. I had signed up. Hope to be able to join in the fun soon.