Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quilts in the Trees

I have been making quilts, one is a sample for a pram shop. I haven't made one in these neutral colours before, and I think I like it more than the pinks and florals. I have a stationery business which I run with a friend and these quilts are part of an extension of that. We normally make handcrafted cards and we are thinking of branching into gifts as well. You can see some of our designs on our web site here. It really needs updating as a lot of the stuff on there is outdated and we have a lot of new stuff, but our web designer wants to charge us just to type our web address into his computer it seems and we aren't sure how to do it ourselves, as he has created no way (that he's told us, anyway) to get into it and change it ourselves. So we're a bit stuck with it. We have our stuff in some shops and I think that may be the way forward for us.

Not much to report on the knitting front. I have tried socks again and again with no success. I may have to find a class or a sock knitter. I have done some crochet for my granny squares blanket, I have 28 now, which sounds impressive, I know, but when they are laid out, it's still disappointingly small. I'll keep plodding on with that. I have done a little knitting on the MD log cabin, but I'm not sure about the colours and it's hard to be enthusiastic about something you don't feel 100% about, don't you think?

I have been making more bags. I decided to modify the pattern of the uptown bag and make a few of my own designs. I'll post some pictures soon. I went to Maggie's Sunflower fabrics shop this morning to get some more fabric.

My back is sore this week, so sitting anywhere for too long is painful. I am irritable and frustrated for not being able to get as much as I want done, but it's on the mend, so I'll hopefully be back up to speed next week and back on my little one person production line!!!!

My daughter starts her summer holidays in a couple of weeks and she has said she will help me put a banner at the top of this blog. Yes I know I'm slow in doing this, but I'm very excited about it!

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gilraen said...

I love those quilts, they are fabulous!

My Phildar book arrived and there is oh so many patterns in that book! French Chic indeed.

I hope your back gets better soon, and the pain is manageable/soon gone! :)

Good luck with the banner, it's fun messing :)