Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Blogoversary to Fluffyknitting!!!

Hooray, I have been here a year. I can't believe it. If only I hadn't deleted the "finished things 2007" list on the sidebar, you'd have been impressed with what I have achieved in that year. I'm sure you can imagine how awesome it was. Just hold it in your mind's eye, because, guess what....not blogoversary would be complete without a


So, here we go.

In order to get an entry, I would like you to tell me the following facts.

1. Your favourite yarn.
2. Your favourite time of day.
3. Your favourite song/music.
4. Your favourite thing to eat.

There. Mine are Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran, early morning in the summer, William Orbit's Barber's Adagio for Strings, and anything with blue cheese on it!

So, go on, now spill the beans!!

If you are travelling around blogworld, and you tell anyone else about this, make sure they mention you when they enter and I'll enter you again. And if you blab about my competition on your blog, come and tell me and I'll enter you again for that!

Oh, the prizes? Well, I have good prizes, and you know they'll include yarn, markers, patterns and chocolate. And there will be 3 prizes.

The lines will close this Sunday 17th midnight GMT.

Good luck, and I am looking forward to learning more about you all from this!


Hannah said...

Here goes:

1. So far anything Jo Sharp and Debbie Bliss has been lovely
2. Mornings in Autumn (got married at 7:30am in Autumn)
3. Really like James Blunt and Norah Jones at the moment
4. Portuguese Tarts

nova said...

Firstly, anything that is part of the Koigu KPPM line can easily find its way into my heart. Dream in Color yarns are also a new favorite. Secondly, dusk during the fall, particularly in New England, where I am lucky to live, at the moment. Thirdly, I have been listening to Nicole Atkins almost non-stop for the last two months. And lastly, well, really, my favorite thing to eat is whatever I am eating at a particular time. I love to eat. It's true. Happy Blogiversary, Liz!

Wendy said...

1. At the moment Jitterbug and Wool BamBoo (it changes frequently when I discover new yarns to knit with)
2. Mornings in summer and fall
3. Van Morrison and just about anything country
4. Pumpkin pie - yum!

Javajem said...

1. Your favourite yarn. - Malabrigo - it's so soft and squishy!
2. Your favourite time of day. - late at night
3. Your favourite song/music. - I love Norah Jones, Billie Holilday, Etta James and the Indigo Girls
4. Your favourite thing to eat. - Indian food

Thanks for linking to me!

Lyndsey-Jane said...

Fave yarn: this is a hard one, but i'm opting for Malabrigo worsted. SO soft and yummy.
Fave time of day: between 9pm and midnight, when I get most of my knitting done
Fave Song: Anything by Foo Fighters
Fave food: Red rice with roasted mediterrean veg
Happy blogiversary!!!

Gitte said...

Hi Liz.
What nice things you make. And I love your slogan ;-) I often fell the same way.
My blog is mostly in Danish - but have a look.
I hope its OK that I participate:
1. wool-yarn - because it gives the best result
2. Sunday morning with the children in the bed and friday evenining whem my husbond and I get a glass of wine and talk abonut the week.
3. Hallelujah - Rufus Wainwright (from Shrek)
4. Chicken in tomato sauce with garlic and homebaked bread

Also Happy blogiversary from me.

Gitte from Denmark

Sussex Yorkie said...

Oh dear this is a test!
1, I think this has to be either Posh Sophia or Yarn Yard Merino and maybe a few Debbie Bliss. I'm fickle.
2, I love crisp winter mornings and strangely unspoilt snow as long as I don't have to get to work.
3, Anything easy listening although currently I have Andrea Bocelli and The Dixie Chicks alternating.
4, Spicy, Spicy, Spicy and a touch of Mashed Potato comfort food.

clarabelle said...

Happy blogaversary, Liz! You've beaten me by a month or so... My answers:

1. Any Posh Yarn laceweight, but preferably with silk or cashmere.
2. Early evenings in the summertime.
3. 'All Along the Watchtower', Jimi Hendrix.
4. Most fish/shellfish, but I would eat oysters all day if I could.

lv2knit said...

Hi, and Happy Bloggiversary!
I like Cascade 220 as my favorite all-around yarn, at night after the kids go to bed, love Josh Groban, I do not discriminate when it comes to food! I have too many favorites!!

BTW: did you use Artful Yarns cashmere for your Fetching glovelets -- they sure look like the ones I made my daughter!

Cass said...

Happy anniversary, and also happy b-day to your lovelry DD! Love the new blog look.

1. Your favourite yarn.
Berroco Love It
2. Your favourite time of day.
Early morning, before I wake my beasties.
3. Your favourite song/music.
ACK! There's NO way to pick a favorite! I listen to so much! Jack Johnson for early morning, Foo Fighters for cleaning house, Joni Mitchel for dancing with Geek, Paul Simon for fixing dinner, Fugazi for folding laundry, and (shhhh, don't tell anyone) Kelly Clarkson for in the shower. Oh and the Wallflowers in the car.
4. Your favourite thing to eat.
Peanut butter on a spoon.


Ulla V. said...

I'll definitely add you to my blog's links as well, Liz. I'm happy that you found me!

You have a great blog and I love your pearapple cosy - and the Back to school vest.

My answers to your competition are:

1. Rowan 4 ply soft
2. Warm summer evenings
3. Ripples with Genesis - heard it live recently (even better ;0))
4. Chicken pie ( got to LOVE it when I lived in London - Totteridge)

There you go!!

Best wishes,

Corrine said...

So I stumbled upon your blog, and have to admit- Are there a lot of different type of yarns with different names? I do like the soft fuzzy stuff :)

my favorite time of day is nap time!

I love listening to country music too many favorites to really have a favorite.

I love big juicy hamburgers! I am going to post a little shout out on my blog, so when you get a minute take a look at 4kidsnodog.blogspot.com

lomester said...

Well, first, thanks for bringing me over to comment! I know I have been missing but i should be back soon!

1) anything- and i mean ANYTHING with cashmere. I can pet it and love it, and I don't have to even knit with it. OOH! or anything malabrigo. I actually have a little skein on top of my computer that i pet when i get stressed at work.
2) I am generally a night owl. But I love saturday mornings when Tony goes out to have coffee with his dad and I have the house, the coffee, and the tv! all to myself for a few hours.
3) it is very hard to answer. But lately it has been Piazzola Anos de Soledad. My dad wants to dance that with me at my wedding, and I cry (happy tears) just thinking about it.
4)Mexican food. Give me chips, salsa and guacamle - and a little tequila, and I am so so so Happy.

Oh and before I forget - Happy BLOGOVERSARY!!!

IndigoMuse said...

Happy blogiversary! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll :) Here are my entries.

1. Koigu though I collect it and don't knit with it
2. Mid morning because of the warm sunshine
3. Rainbow connection by Kermit the Frog - LOL!
4. Buttercream icing - yum!

ambermoggie said...

1. Mountain colours mohair
3.august moon Bronwen David
4. quiche and garlic potatoes at the rainbows end cafe in Glastonbury:)

happy blogaversary:)

cpurl17 said...

Happy Blogiversary!

1. Your favourite yarn-wow, this is too hard so I'll have to be cheeky and say "anything I'm knittnig with!" because if I'm knitting with something I don't like, it usually ends up in the frog pond.

2. Your favourite time of day.
Meal time.

3. Your favourite song/music. It depends on my mood!

4. Your favourite thing to eat

Rose Red said...

Hi Liz - happy Blogthday and thanks for your comment!

My four things:
1. impossible to choose!! Usually whatever I'm knitting with - at the moment, Yarntini self-striping sock yarn - love watching the stripes come up!
2. Early mornings at home when my husband is still asleep and I'm having my first coffee (or tea) of the day and reading blogs
3. Favourite song is Bittersweet Symphony.
4. Chocolate and creamy mashed potatoes (but not together!!)

2ply said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Favourite yarn is Rowan 4ply soft. In Tea Rose.
Favourite time of day is half past nine in the morning; still packed full of potential.
Favourite music is Bach's Brandeburg Concerto No. 2. Always makes me cry - I'd love to be talented enough to play a part in it.
Favourite thing to eat is ripe figs. Beautiful, yummy and quite low in calories.

Kim said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Favorite yarn: Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece
Favorite time of day: just after the kiddos are in bed
Favorite song: lots of possibilities... today I guess it's probably Daniel (by Elton John)
Favorite food: hot wings or dark chocolate! :)

Keep knitting and blogging!

zebraknits said...

Happy Blogiversary Liz!
1. I love wool in general, particularly merino ans some of my favourite yarns (out of many) are Zara and Tahki Stacy Donegal Tweed
2. Evenings when the kids are in bed is my fave time.
3. Favourite song is Walk on by and Crazy by Seal.
4. Right now, it's Risotto with Basil, tomato and cheese.
Your new looks is fantastic! Have fun.

tiennie said...

Happy Blogiversary! Just wanted to wish you well so no entry from me.

Queen of the froggers said...

I love your new look!
OK, can't resist a competition so, favourite yarn is Jaeger Luxury Tweed, time of day is 6 am when no one else is up, song is anything by the Verve, and eats are curry!!!

Amy said...

Hmm... my favorite yarn...Probably Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk. Ok, if we're being honest, it's ANY alpaca/silk blend. Looove the alpaca. Love the silk. My favorite time of day is right before sunset as I am driving home from work. In my opinion, it's the best way to wind down your day into relaxation. My favorite song? That's too many. My favorite type however is probably blues. My favorite thing to eat is a cupcake. It's like a wee gift to oneself. And you can eat the whole thing! You don't have to share it like a regular sized cake. :) Yay!

Hawkesley said...

Happy Blogiversary.

1. My favourite yarn is Sunshine Yarns sock yarn.
2. Summer mornings.
3. Renee Fleming singing Casta Diva from the opera Norma.
4. Cadbury's Creme Eggs (ok, most things chocolaty, oooh and cake!).

sarah said...

Here goes
1. My fave yarn at the moment is Fyberspates sock yarn.
2. Fave time of day is 7.30 am when my daughter comes in with my 1st cup of coffee and a hug!
3. Scots Dragoon Guards, Amazing Grace.
4. Chocolate!!!!!

sarah said...

I have mentioned you on my blog, I hope you get a few extra visitors.

my blog is www.nutty-knitter.blogspot.com

Cashmere Addict said...

I found your blog recently and really enjoy it. Here are my answers:

1. Mountain Colors (love their cashmere)
2. Mornings
3. I love so much music, but lately I've been listening to KT Tunstall
4. Love Mexican food!! :-)

Littlelou said...

Happy Blogiversary!
Im a sucker for a comp!
1.My fave wool is self patterning Opal..knits well into lovely socks for all my friends! (who are easily impressed!)
2.My fave time of day has to be 7pm..dinner is done, my tummy is full and with the dishes out the way I can get on with knitting in front of the Tv..bliss
3.Just discovered Adele..tipped as the 'new Amy Winehouse'
4.Roast chicken crisps...mmmm

pj said...

1) I've not been knitting long enough to have a fav, but I love blend yarns that have a percentage of alpaca or silk along w/wool or cotton.
2) My fav time of day would be anytime when my house is vacuumed and dusted, laundry is caught up, and kitchen dishes are washed and all put away.
3) Fav Music Smooth Jazz
4) Fav Food....hum a well made creme brulee'

Tsuki said...

Happy Blog-o-versary!

I love any pure wool yarn - so snuggly and warm! I'm using some cascade 220 for slippers, but I prefer the Debbie Bliss I'm using for OH's top.
I love first thing in the morning on a weekend, or sunset in the summer.
I'm a bit of a cheesy-pop fan, I enjoy Kylie and Britney, Sugababes and Girls Aloud - that sort of rubbish! haha.
I like peanut butter and chocolate, or in fact any nut-and-choc combination.

Virtuous said...

OOh look!! Happy Blogversary!!! :oD

What an easy contest!! You are too sweet!

1. Your favourite yarn.
Noro & Malabrigo of course!!

2. Your favourite time of day.
Typically "mid" morning

3. Your favourite song/music.
Love me some Fred Hammond! (Gospel music)

4. Your favourite thing to eat.
Mexican & Italian

Hate I didn't have just one answer for each one! LOL

Luv your new banner! How appropriate for your 1 year birthday!
Mine is coming up soon!

Rebecca said...

Yarn- Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn
Day- Morning before it gets light and everyone else wakes up
Music-Jesus Christ superstar!
Food- Steak Tartar

Jen C said...

1. Rowan Calmer or Rowan Yorkshire Tweed
2. Anytime I'm in bed
3. Sara Bareilles
4. Japanese food

dreamcatcher said...

1. My current favourite yarn is Noro Kureyon
2. Late at night because that's when my night-owl brain has its best creative thoughts :-D
3. Favourite song changes all the time, currently "Lost" by Avenged Sevenfold
4. I love my homemade pizza!

Happy Blogiversary!!

gwen said...

Happy Blogiversary to you Liz.
My favorite yarn at the moment is the sock yarn from Handgefaerbt.com
I have a suscribtion and I love their colours.
My favorite time of day is morning when I don´t have to go to work and my DS is at school!
I like french pop music and I LOVE very dark chocolate with a cup of green tea.
Take care.
P.S.: I found your blog through the Fitted Knits along. I have just bought the book.

Brenda GA, Dome-Dweller said...

I'm a yarnaholic whose totally hooked on anything soft & textured. Sadly, I'm not faithful to anyone brand.
My time of day is twilight, that time when the sunlight filters one last time through the rapidly darkening sky.
My taste in music is very eclectic. For example, I currently have the following albums in my vehicle's CD player: White Zombie (Rob Zombie); Celtic Legends: Bard & Warrior; Sacred Spirits Yeha-Noha; O'Brother, Where Art Thou (soundtrack), Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen; and, Spiral Rhythm: I Am...
My Favorite thing to eat would definitely be chocolate.

dropstitchknitter said...

Happy Anniversary! Blogaversary!
1. My Favorite yarn - right now it's got to be the Jade Sapphire 2ply Cashmere - holy moly!
2.Favorite time - Late afternoon - when the light is cool.
3. Favorite Song - that's a tuff one. I always get a chill when I hear Unchained Melody
4. Favorite thing to eat - OMG - you're killin me here. Lets just say - Italian food.

Janey said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

I've had to have a few days to think about my answers so I'm just squeezing in before the deadline!

1. My favourite yarn is so hard to chose...but I really think at the moment it's Posh Yarn Emily. Though I'm sure that will change next time I try anything new!
2. My favourite time of day is about 3pm when my little one wakes up from her nap, she is just so lovely and cuddley when still sleepy!
3. My favourite song is B52's - Love Shack. It always cheers me up and gets me going.
4. My favourite thing to eat is cheese, any kind, any colour. I just love it!

Yours is one of my favourite blogs to read so here's to another year, well done!

Denise said...

I just found your blog so I hope I'm not being too forward by entering your competition when I hardly know you!
My fav yarn at the moment is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, I love knitting the rainy day socks with this, so far I've made 3 pair, but none for myself yet (why is that?)
fav time of the day? hmmm, well it's certainly not 6am when I have to get up for school every morning, so I'd have to say 2.45pm when my daughter gets out of school and is home again with me.
fav song/music, I love listening to Josh Groban.
Fav thing to eat, Lays sour cream and cheddar chips, once I open a bag I just can't stop eating them!

I've added you to my knitty blog reads, and look forward to seeing more of your lovely knitting.
oh and btw, happy bloggiversary :-)

Teal said...

You had me at contest but I believe I'm too late to enter. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'll be reading yours. Happy blogoversary!