Friday, February 29, 2008

My vest story so far...

After the twisted disaster with this, I am back to where I had to stop before. Over the psychological hump, so to speak.

Here are photos of it in progress, although after this weekend, I am hoping a picture of it on Monday will show much more of it. Although it is Mother's Day here on Sunday and we are heading off up North to visit Rob's family, but I might take it with me anyway. After all, it is my day as well!!!

PS Check out the beautifully wound ball of yarn! (Still impresses me!!!)


Queen of the froggers said...

Very nice colour, I love the wound ball too! I hope you get spoilt too on Sunday. :)

Janey said...

Great colour...and lovely ball!!

Enjoy your weekend, hope you get lots of knitting in. xx

Wendy said...

The green colorway is mesmorizing!!! I love it!! What is it?

Lyndsey-Jane said...

That vest is going to look gorgeous in that green!!!
Why not take the knitting with you, lke you said it's your day too!!!
I have my mum coming over saturday and i'll be knitting when she's here and I have no excuse (except it's my house so i'll do as I please). Just finished her mother's day socks (well have to graft the toes in a minute)
Have a great mothering sunday!

cpurl17 said...

I love that green yarn. And a pretty ball of yarn is always a joy to behold!