Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Frustration, Elation and cake

I had a lovely weekend and Mother's Day on Sunday. We went to Yorkshire to see Rob's family and took my sister as she hadn't been in years, in fact since she was born there and moved when she was 2. I didn't take my knitting as I have come to a blonde moment with it. I am up to the bust dart increases on the BTSV and it has been such a quick and satisfying knit so far, but I JUST DON'T GET THIS BIT. I've tried...twice....and unpicked....twice, so now I have posted questions on my difficulty on the Fitted Knitalong and also on Ravelry, in the hope that someone can help me.

I'll just tell you quickly why I'm stuck as one of you guys might be able to help. Please feel free to look away if this means nothing to you (believe me, I know how you feel) OK, it says RLI before the marked stitch and LLI after it on every 3rd row 5 times.Now, does that mean that I have to count the increased stitches in as I go along? Do I RLI and LLI on the same or different stitches???? SEE......GGGGRRRRRRRR, it is driving me mad. (Trying to breathe through it and remain relaxed)

Here's a picture of the progress so far

In my last dark moment with this, I was searching Ravelry for some tips and found a Malabrigo March group. Remembering that I had a small skein of the laceweight, I decided to join and challenge my self, not only to knitting with the one I love to stroke, but lace as well.It is the Twisted Knitter's Leaf Lace Scarf. Virgins in both fields, it is going swimmingly well so far, although that should have jinxed it a bit!!!! The only thing I don't really like about knitting lace is that it's loose. And I am the sort of knitter and human who needs a bit of structure. And it's all a bit flimsy. But I love the yarn enough to persevere with this one.

Someone gave me a fab recipe recently and I baked on Saturday. These Apricot and Almond Slices were what got me through the Increase Depression. Unfortunately they aren't THAT slimming and so weigh in on Thursday might be a shock as I ate three before I cold regain any control. I have upped my exercise, to try and limit the damage, but we shall see! They are absolutely gorgeous, and I think would be nice as well with lemon curd instead of the apricot. If anyone wants the recipe let me know!


Jenni said...

Those look great - I love apricot! Would you send me the recipe? Thanks!!!

Queen of the froggers said...

The vest looks great. I have the pattern and by reading it I can see that you have your markers in place, so you always work to the marked stitch, RLI or LLI in the marked stitch (don't move the marker). The dart seems to go up straight so I would not count the increased stitches in.It will then end up booby shape with a straight increase line going up?!
If I am wrong don't tell anyone!!!
xx Maybe try it on a swatch to check?

Liz said...

Jenni. email me your email address and I will let you have the recipe!

Littlelou said...

If I show my fiance the pic of that cake he will want your number. He loves apricot jam and is always a sucker for a yummy cake!

Virtuous said...

Hey Gurl! I hope I am not too late!

I just finished up my increase section and need to try it on then go for the split.

As far as the increases you do 1 RLI before the marked stitch, knit marked stitch, and then 1 LLI right after the marked stitch.

Repeat for the other marked stitch.

So you are essentially increase by 4 stitches each round that calls for increase.

Hope that made sense!

FYI - I put my notes on my progress project in Ravelry too!

AND I am also doing the Malabrigo March KAL!! ;op

We are so in sync lately!!!

Grab me on e-mail anytime ou want to chat about BTS!!!!

sandra said...

Hey, thanks for the link to the Leaves Scarf. I have malabrigo laceweight in Hollyhock and have been looking for a pattern to try out laceweight yarn. Will cast on right now!

dreamcatcher said...

Hope you can sort out those increases, what others have said above sounds sensible?