Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vest Update

Sorry no pictures on this post, but I have finished the front, with a few successful mods and I shall let you know and see them tomorrow. I plan to get on with the back tonight, just wound a ball of yarn for it, and hopefully will be showing you the FO pics this week, all being well, and hoping I haven't just jinxed it!

Now that I have the "garment" bug, I am loving Juliet which Stacey has just knitted. I think it might be the next cast on for me, I am following in the trail of Stacey as we seem to like similar styles. Sorry Stacey if you think I am stalking you!!!!!!

My Malabrigo scarf is coming along slooooowly, but I think that seems to be the nature of lace knitting.

Desperate Housewives comes back onto our tvs tonight, which I am excited about, not sure how it will affect knitting quality of the vest! We shall see.

Easter here was good, all my sisters and their families and my mother in law for lunch on Sunday, and it was lovely to be together. I hope you all had fun too! Weigh in day for me tomorrow, which I expect shall be a gain after all the chocolate I have eaten! Oh well, I DID give it up for Lent, so I had to make up for that somehow!

We went to see Vantage Point this afternoon as Rob is off work, and it was great. I would recommend it, especially as it has GREAT eye candy, in the form of Matthew Fox. YUM YUM....almost as nice a chocolate, but calorie free!!

Pictures tomorrow
(of the vest, not Matthew...calm down now!)

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Virtuous said...

Glad you had a nice Easter!!

Gurl please I don't mind at all!! LOL You will be done with BTS before me!! ;op

I can't wait to hear about your mods on BTS and see it in progress!