Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sport Relief Mile

As you know if you were here at New Year, I made a number of sporting challenge resolutions for myself this year. The first, the Comic Relief Sport Relief run was today. I did it with my sister Caroline, (with the short hair) and my friend Michelle. We have all been training for it, but I was nervous as it was my first ever run in public at a running event! I woke up this morning to howling winds and lashing rains, and half hoped it might be cancelled. But it wasn't!

Here is us before running

OMG, though, it was FREEZING!

Any of you living in a lovely hot place, take pity on me, check out the waterlogged was DANGEROUS!!!!!!!

And here we are afterwards..

No, I didn't carry that plastic bag round the course!

We are very proud of ourselves, not least because we managed to raise over £300 between us for a very good cause. (no, not shoes!!)

The next thing we are training for is the Race for Life in June, which is women only running to raise money for breast cancer research, which we shall be running in memory of our mum, who would have thought we were completely mad!!!

Now I think I deserve to sit in front of the tv for a few hours and knit my BTSV and watch some trash!!!!!


Anonymous said...

well done, well done, well done !!!
You all did fabulously !!


Denise said...

ooooh I feel your pain - it was 92 degrees here and I took my daughter to the community pool with the neighbor and his kids (although she was probably as cold as you were once she got in that water - crazy!)
Congrats to all of you, job well done!

dreamcatcher said...

Congrats on completing the Sport Relief Mile!

Lovely pic of Mary with her Odessa :-)

And congrats on sorting out those darts!

cpurl17 said...



(I think you do deserve a new pair of shoes to celebrate.)

lomester said...

congratulations woman!! running is hard, and running in the cold weather even harder!

Tsuki said...

Well done! The R4L is only three times that, you'll be fine :P

Really though, my advice (as a 2 time veteran): train for slightly more than 3 miles so it seems easy, buy a good sports bra and some good trainers. (great excuse to go shopping). Oh, and have fun. Watch out for reading the back-signs though, it isn't good to cry while running!

Good luck for the R4L and well done on the Sport Relief Mile!

Cycling Knitter said...

well done to you all, you did a grand job and good luck with the race for life!!

gilraen said...

Well done Liz you showed real grit doing that!! Good for you :D

And you deserve lots of chocolate after that!!

Happy Easter :D