Tuesday, September 09, 2008

H is for Happiness

After my last post, I must have jogged some higher spirit's conscience, as this week, my life has become near perfect!

Mary is out of hospital and on the mend and sounding so well and cheerful. We are just waiting for results next week and then she will be able to move on properly.

I had my 3rd (out of 4) assessments this week to be a weight watchers leader, and it went brilliantly. I love doing it now, it gives me such a buzz to stand up in front of people and make them laugh and motivate them to be what they want to be. I have my final one next Tuesday, which my Area Manager will be at and I will find out if I have passed or not.

Lily is settling into the 6th Form and is off on an art weekend this weekend, doing stuff like sculpture, felting, printing and photography. Wish I could go too!

I still haven't started my Mystery Stole as the yarn I ordered is out of stock and so I reordered it in green, so I think purple was not meant to be. And I can use the mega expensive beads I bought (and love) too!!

Rob is being a dream husband at the moment! Not that he normally isn't, just more so at the moment!

I had an order for a baby quilt yesterday which I sent out. (that's the relevance of the picture...the H stands for Henry really!)

I can finally crochet and am looking forward to making the Babette blanket when I can get some cascade 22o for it!

I am feeling extremely content in my life and my skin at the moment. I am very grateful for it and hope that everyone else is as happy.

Sending you all a golden glow..........xxxxxx


gilraen said...

I love the quilt, it is very pretty :)

I'm glad for you about Mary :)

blog-blethers said...

Isn't life wonderful when it all comes together?

Great news about the WW assessments. Well done you! I'm still plodding away with the Tescodiet site...

I've nominated you for an award - please check my blog:o)

tiennie said...

Your life sounds so happy right now. :) What a great place to be at!