Sunday, September 21, 2008

My (red and green again) weekend!

My tomato plants are cropping nicely now and so I decided to make some tomato soup for lunch yesterday with them.

It was lovely, just some olive oil, garlic from France and tomatoes from the garden. Add some vegetable stock and some basil, boil and then blend. None left!

That's low fat cheese on the top in case you were wondering!

My Mystery Stole is going ok. It's slow going as it's my first lace/beaded knit. Clue 3 came out last Friday and I have just finished Clue 1. I am proud of my progress, albeit slow, as I can only knit it in the day at the back of my house in the study where the light is great, but it's next to Basil's bed and I just have too hope he doesn't take too much of an interest.

Some pictures of my progress up to the end of the first clue....

please click on the picture above to get some idea of the pain I am feeling knitting this!

It's a nice design, by Georgina Bowman (look on Ravelry) but I'm not sure I would knit lace again in a hurry.

In the evenings I have been knitting Breezy, which I shall take a picture of this week. Gorgeous cashcotton. Makes a change from bloody 2 ply fragile lace!

This weekend we've been busy clearing out the garage ready for my WW stock to arrive, and I have given the garden an Autumn spring clean. That should've used up a few calories at least! Maybe I've burned off the popcorn I ate last night-we went to the flicks to see Tropic Thunder. Hmmmm.....I love Jack Black and Ben Stiller but, put it this way, I looked at my watch a fair few times through it.....

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. I really do appreciate them. I shall take a picture of my new ring when my hands are a little cleaner!!


cpurl17 said...

Yum that soup looks delicious!!

Your lace is looking good!
I'm only halfway through Clue 1. I didn't get a chance to start until yesterday and being the world's slowest lace knitter isn't helping!!

Pheelya said...

I am not a tomato eater, but that soup looks delish!! My eyes and tastebuds aren't always in agreement :)

The lace is beautiful! But I know what you mean about not being in a hurry. I've finished clue 4 on a mystery lace KAL that was over MONTHS ago :) I still have 5 more clues to go and I doubt it will be done before Christams :)

dreamcatcher said...

Mmm the soup looks delicious! I have only made tomato soup once so far, some years ago, from our own crop. It was gorgeous!

Good luck with the lace, it all looks very intricate with the beads as well :-)

tiennie said...

That lace is so pretty so far!

clarabelle said...

Off to check out the lace pattern!

That soup looks totally yum - homemade bears no comparison to tinned stuff, does it!