Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Red and Green should never be Seen

My mum always said that, and I say it to Lily. Not sure why though! Anyway they are seen together in this post!

First crop from my tomato plants!

There are loads on the plants still green, so I may be making green tomato chutney if they don't hurry up and ripen, as it's so wintery there could well be a frost soon!

They were lovely in a salad last night, together with some runner beans from my normal neighbour's dog walker's garden, with roasted vegetable lasagne! YUM! The aubergines are the size of tennis balls now, so I shall pick them soon.

On the green front, I have finally received the yarn for my Mystery Stole 4 and decided on the bead choice.

The yarn is Lane Borgosesia merino laceweight in olive and the beads are 3 different colours. I don't do things the easy way.

Now to decide, do I swatch, or just go for it?????


Rosie said...

I've not heard that "red and green should never be seen" before but a schoolfriend once criticised one of my outfits by saying "blue and green should never be seen" (this was in Norfolk, so maybe it is a local thing?).

Speaking of green, I totally adore your yarn and bead combo, but the thought of stringing all those beads in the right order is making me feel woozy (even if the right order is a random one!).

Emily said...

You should swatch! That first beaded row of MS4 is so time consuming, that you'll be kicking yourself if your needle/bead choices don't work out the first time. It's worth the swatch to save the frustration!

Lin said...

I like the green and the beads, I say just go for it but then I am bad and never swatch!

clarabelle said...

Your MS4 yarn is beautiful - hope you're using all the different bead shades, as they'll look fantastic!

I always used to be told never to wear navy and brown - of course, it always made me want to wear that colour combo all the more!

Lovely toms - we have a glut! If you pick your green ones now and put them on a sunny windowsill, then should ripen up a bit quicker.