Thursday, September 04, 2008

No time...

for anything at the moment, hence the lack of blogging.I am in the midst of training now as a weight watchers leader and have taken 2 of the 4 meetings I need to to pass my assessments. The final one will be the week after next. I have to say, I love it!!! After getting over my nerves, I am really much more comfortable than I ever thought I could be, standing up in front of total strangers and running a meeting for half an hour! Hope I haven't jinxed it now!!!

On the knitting front, I am having a disaster with Waving Lace socks as the yarn is running out halfway along the foot.

On all other fronts, Lily has gone into the 6th Form and looks sooooo smart in her suit, my house is a total tip as there is no time to tidy up and I have decided my dad is a cock and I'm not wasting any more of my (too short) time on him again! You can give a person so many chances...!!!!

On the Mary front, she had her op this week, and after a really rocky time, today is feeling better and off for physio, and hopefully home soon.

Tomorrow I have some time so am hoping to get some photos on here as well as rambling!!!!! Lily and I are hoping to make Lemonylicious cupcakes tonight so I shall tempt you all ff any diets you may be on with them!!!


Lin said...

I am glad Mary is getting there, best wishes to her. Good luck with the rest of your training but I am sure you don't need it!

Virtuous said...

Good to hear from you!