Friday, September 07, 2007

Back for good this time

Hah! I've tried to keep to the song titles theme when I go and come back, but it's true...that's the end of my gallivanting about this summer. Next trip away for me is a day one...a very important the knitting and stitching show at Alexandra Palace in London in October. Can't wait!

We had the most amazing time away at this place and fell in love again. (with each other) Needless to say, the sock knitting suffered. The chateau was on the side of a (bit scary and high) mountain (I think mountains and hills are the same), and isolated in a way that there were only about 10 other people staying there. It felt comfortable and relaxed and I loved it.

Some snaps for you to get the picture...

That's my true love layig by the pool. I took that whist in the pool. The steps were at the other side, in the deep end, so I had to, camera in hand, heave my chilled out body onto the side and then wade, camera above head, over to the other side to take this. God, I hope no one saw me get in one handed, it was a sight, I can tell you. Go on, next time you go to the pool, try it, you'll see what I mean.

This is my arty photo...

Our room was in the gardens of the chateau, and we had a roof terrace above the room. This was accessed via a SPINDLY and DANGEROUS looking ladder, perched precariously on the high balcony. When we arrived , Rob went up there and shouted for me to come and look. He knows what a sun worshipper I am. Well, I managed to get my eyes level with roof terrace floor level, became overcome with vertigo and quickly came back down spindly and dangerous ladder.

Next day, the pool was in shade. There was one on the roof of the chateau as well, but remember.....VERTIGO?????? I was in a dilemna. Rob went up to the roof terrace above the room and helpfully told me it was in full sun. Hmmmmmmmmm.....what was I to do?

Of course, I went up the spindly ladder as quick as I could and then laid there trying not to think about where I was. Seemed to work. It was great. This is Rob coming down the spindly ladder...

Yea!!!! Didn't believe me, did ya?? Check out the scariness of that MF!!!! (Yea, I know I'm a wimp)

Knitting wise, I have finished the bag part of the Booga Bag. The Kureyon is a bit itchy, but I love the colours it makes. Just the handles to go now, except I can't but 6.5mm DPNs anywhere, so I may have to make do with slightly larger/smaller ones. It's going to be felted, so shouldn't matter too much. Famous last words!

Since I have been back, my dad and his partner have come over from Norway to visit Florence and other grand daughters. (I have 3 sisters and we have 5 girls between us-no boys!) We went to visit my youngest sister, whose partner is a farmer.
There's a tree in her garden which has plums on it.

Me: Will you eat those plums, or can I take some to make jam?
Her: No, they're crab apples.
Me: I'm sure they're plums.

This conversation went on for a while. My dad and his partner also were convinced that they were plums. We even ate some. She wasn't convinced. Come on, my dad's partner is a Norweigan jam maker. If ANYONE would know, SHE would.

Me and my 4 year old niece picked 3 kgs of them.

I don't know what crab apples look like, but they look very plummy to me.

This is what they are now....

Real, proper, true life JAM!!!!!!!!!
Oh yea, I made it. It's officially plum jam with a hint of cinnamon. I'm going to give a pot to my brother in law. Hah! Call yourself a farmer!!!!!!!!

Meantime, I have been reading this book. It hasn't changed my life yet, well, it made me make some jam, if that counts? But I would recommend it, it's funny, and easy to read.

On another front, the KAL that I am co hosting with Stacey is going strong. We have a load of people who have signed up now and one finished and some near to finishing. It is a truly beautiful piece of knitting and I can't wait to get started. I have ordered some different yarns in colours to find one I love to knit it in. Come on over to here and have a look at the loveliness of it! Why not join us????

Back soon.
Missed you all.


Queen of the froggers said...

Lots of lovely news! The jam is great, the spa looked fabulous. I'd like to go there but not up the spindly ladder! I love knitting booga bags, yours looks nice.

Virtuous said...

That place you vacay at looks just divine!! LOL @ pool pic and I don't blame you about the ladder!

So glad you had a wonderful time! Great Pics!

And YUM that Jam looks good! I never heard or seen crab apples either!

YAH KAL!!! :oD I had planned to mention it again too!!

Anonymous said...

I said CRACK apples!!